I'm spiraling out of control

With no where to go


My mind is losing it's grip

Reality is begining to slip


There's no where left to turn

My desire starts to burn  


I can't seem to find my feet

My heart is ceasing to beat  


Sanity is but a shallow dream

Spinning too fast, I begin to scream  


I'm losing my balance, starting to fall

The world's gone black, you can't hear my call  


It's dizzying how fast I'm going

There's an odd feeling of knowing  


The end is near, it's closing in

My patience is wearing thin  


Goodbye to my sanity

It's spiraling out from beneath me  


I'm no longer who I was before

There's no one here anymore!

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A Woman Poem

And then the hormones stop raging and the world is okay again. Wait till menopause - every moment of every second you think the world is ending, then you want it to end. Then, u stabilize nicely and the world is mostly even and beautiful. :D




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Not entirely a women's poem.

Not entirely a women's poem. Anyone can feel add if the world is spiraling out of control.  That being said, thank you for reading.