Walking with Jesus

I stand there, staring at three wooden crosses from the base of a hill.
On those crosses are hanging three men, one innocent, and two guilty of their crimes.
The time comes. It starts raining, and all of a sudden I get a cold chill.
I think to myself "What have I done?" as I realize that it's time.

Within seconds the storm grows fierce, but the wind doesn't blow me away.
Shielding my eyes, I look up at them as panic and confusion grow.
A dove flies past, and a guard draws back as the man in the middle says
"Father, why have you forsaken me?". Then He looks at me, and I know.

Emotions slip past as I realize who I have just heard.
As the guard readies to stab through time seems to stop. The man sees me, and says "I do this for you."
The spear pierces His skin through to the heart, and as the earth trembles I see flying a white bird.
I fall to my knees and begin to weep ashamed that I didn't have a clue.

Three days pass, and a stone is rolled back while the guard was there wide awake.
Looking upon Him for the first time, I can't believe my eyes!
For in front of me standing now is the man in the middle who gave his life that day.
He looks at me from a far off land, and says "Don't worry, I'm alright."

I run to him, fall to my knees, and yes I did weep.
As I cried this man lowered His hand, and placed it upon my head.
"Now you understand" he said, and I replied "Yes, my Lord Jesus Christ, you died for me."
He smiled and raised His hand. Then He laughed aloud and said "I'm right here living! How can I be dead?"

As I stood up I began to understand that this Man was not just a man, but He is the Son of Man.
I looked to Him, and then I grinned saying "I'll follow You anywhere. Please take me in."
Motioning towards a beach, He looked at me, and said "Let's take a walk here, and leave our footprints in the sand."
"When you grow tired, I will carry you." He said, and as I started to ask he cut me off "In a second for you, I'd do this all again. Take my hand."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I tried to think what it would be like if I witnessed the Crucifixion, and rebirth of Jesus Christ first hand, and then moved on from there.

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