I Just Haven't Met You Yet.

Love and Hope

You are the most beautiful thing,

I can't even explain how I feel.

I don't know what you look like,

But I know that our love is real.

You dance across my dreams,

But dreams and fairytales are full of it.

You'll never ever hurt my feelings,

or make me feel like sh!t.

You are my happily ever after,

Though I can't explain how I know.

Don't be afraid to approach me,

My smile is a green light, so go.

We'll make each other happy,

we'll be together until the end of forever,

And even when you get sick of me,

you'll still stay because we make each other better.

We'll kiss and make up and go on dates

We'll smile and reminisce on how we met.

We'll be the best and worst of friends,

You can't comprehend how good it will get.

My eyes will wander to my phone hoping you call,

I'll be looking out for you as I walk,

Hoping against hope you'll step up right then,

I'm anticipating the first time we will talk.

We'll be engaged ready to get married,

You'll be getting much more than I get,

I know I'll love you forever and ever

But I just Haven't met you yet.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Undecided Basically its about knowing that there is someone out there for you.... you just haven't met them yet. Not sure how good this poem is though.... So let me know what you guys think of it

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