Exit Humanity


Exit Humanity.......



As the bombs start falling,

your preacher comes calling.

The whiskey bottle hits your lips,

ten minutes later your on stage counting your tips.

The assholes and whores get all the tricks.”


Looking through the empty glass,

while slumming it up in first class.

Your hypocrisy flows like wine,

as we all wait in the devil's line.

You wage war in filth till nothing is left standing,

it's an overdose as your heart starts pounding.


They want you to drown as they pull you under the tide.

The reaper's hand is cold as you now struggle to survive.


Let's all celebrate our coming destruction,

conduct orgies to our suicidal obsessions.

Death will be our calling card.

Exit humanity, shit just got hard.

In our apathy to commit an atrocity.

Violence under the guise of abstract lies.

Let's all celebrate, this insanity we embrace.

It's the sacrificial rituals that we create,

the myth that we cannot tempt fate.


And goddamn this fucked up land,

the man who cowers behind the backhand.

The self righteous, a bigot to their own vices.

March for the lie. Abused until you die,

become the victim and lose your pride.

It's a morbid device, to need your virgin sacrifice.

Slay the innocent to satisfy your god,

butcher the heretics it's not flawed,

as you steal from the poor its not fraud


It's a morbid device, to build up your own Antichrist.”




Author's Notes/Comments: 

"and so I say, I believe I am about to reach my limit of stupid people and my god there are many of them, an ocean of stupidity surrounding a dingy of sanity"


(Updated; From ThoughtShock)

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Elfy's picture

they can deff drown me, but

they can deff drown me, but only after a nice bottle of something strong. very good poem. hope all is well.