"Creative Juices"

by Jeph Johnson

It's tough to

be creative
when writing
from what's real;
to compose a truth
I recognize,
can see,
and feel.


What then
should I
juices for,
when each
pulpous squeeze
secretes in me
a tongue-tied


To dip the pointed
quill of my
thirsty thoughts into
and analytically
the mundane
things I do

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a.griffiths57's picture

I think perfect reality

I think perfect reality written in poetic form is beter written when made dramatic and of course humours. Opinions not paid attention to but are well versed with aforementioned drama and humour; people even remember what was said and written. Emotive poem and well written well done DaddyO




Starward's picture

I like your use of the word

I like your use of the word troubador in the penultimate stanza.  Are you familiar with the troubador tradition, and thus used the term?


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allets's picture

It Rhymes With "for"

perfectly. Reality inserted into a poem is a challenge. I fail at it often. :D