Of Christmas Eve's Old


Oh how I miss the days, of Christmas Eve's Old,

All the tinsels bright-silver and gold.

The Yule Log played, all Christmas Eve,

While waiting for Santa's, presents received.


The smells of that turkey, slowly roasting,

Grandpa telling stories-his old time boasting.

And Grandma's treats, of cookies galore,

Baked with a love, you can't buy in-store.


Ornaments glisten, hung upon the tree,

So many brilliant lights, for our eyes to see.

Presents wrapped, and placed underneath,

The scent of a piney, Christmas wreath.


Twinkling flakes, of pristine snow,

Childlike glee, in watchful eyes, aglow.

Trimmings and bows, and tasty treats,

Egg nog, cakes and those ribbon-candy sweets.


Christmas Carols, playing their familiar tunes,

Of Nat, Johnny and Bing...oh how they'd croon.

Family, together, nothing better than that,

We'd laugh and play, and eat, and get a bit fat.


Then bedtime came and Dad would read, once more,

'The Night Before Christmas' as he did, each year before.

Mom tucked us in, to sleep, in anxious Santa-expectation,

And we awakened before dawn, to our joyful elation!


I can still hear all the sounds...still smell all the scents,

Every single detail of all, those wonderful, Holiday events.

Oh, how I miss the days, of Christmas Eve's old and past,

Tucked away in my memories, to forever and always last.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Remembering with love...Christmas Eve's Old...

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Beautifully portrayed.... Lovely words.. Time tested vision

A wonderful read for the following reasons ::: (1) Simple English (2) Perfect imagery (3)Immaculate rhyming pattern(4) Reasonably trite


Indeed happy that Respected Madam Stella aka Allets led me to this one:::


For Madams A/S and C's eyes only



Nostalgic memories of youth

In a city of Odissa in India

City of my birth and upbringing

The five Durga idols scattered

Far away from one another

A simple pair of clothes

Nary a rupee to spend on tucks

Yet happiness oozed from within

Simple yet nostalgic days

Those lovely nights of revelry

Watching concerts  and dances

Performed by amateur men

It was a strict no no for ladies

Just a simple stare to a girl

Would many frowns unfurl

Staying out of home late

Returning in the wee hours

Yes ladies nothing I had

But I still miss the young lad 



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King Cole's Christmas album is magic and it's not Christmas without listening to it. I have been listening to Beatles, I guess it's time to dust off the yule logged vinyl. ~ Lady A



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Yes, that is very true! It

Yes, that is very true! It wouldn't be Christmas without Nat. :)