My First Real Love

This Love


You came suddenly into my life,

-a most unexpected surprise.

But all at once, my first real love,

was right there, before my eyes.


In these many months since then,

I've known love like never before.

Because at last, and finally,

I'm with, my long-lost boy-next-door.


You make me feel such amazing things,

I thought I'd buried deep down, away.

Things I felt, I had to forever hide,

Lest they caused my heart to fray.


But always, you were there,

tucked into, the memories of my mind.

And always a place, in my heart, you held,

never dreaming you, one day, I'd find.


But now that we're finally together,

I'll never again, let you get away from me.

Too many years were wasted for us...

You see, we were always meant to be.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

For My boy-next-door, my heart, my past, my first real love.

I love you, My Sweet Man!

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Sassylass's picture


my friends in here agree. a lovely poem of love.Love makes the world happier, hate tears it all down.

I'd cling to love!

Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....



djtj's picture


Beautiful love poem.