Twice is enough to tempt me



Lie and try to love the empty, every way I can.
Deep desires pushing me, like self fulfilling prophecy.
I hold on to these moments and watch them turn to dust
fleeting favor then it dies as we both know it must.
No favors for my friends no favors for myself
life is a casino, my own love is my wealth
first red, then black, a queen and jack looking for a sign.
eyes are rolled I need a 6 and somehow I get 9, every single time..
on Monday wake up after 10, but time is lost on ole big Ben
mothers warning rings out in my head "Rest, succeed, know retreat but guys like this need friends.
 You'll know burns and no returns if you get what you think you need again"
sand will make you gold that glitters doesn't matter what they pay. Trust the words I could never say and in the god I'll never pray to cause motives are friendly, emotion's not my friend. Shaking the habitual and bad behavior trends.
I still carry your lantern, cause I thought that I knew you best, and til you tell me just once more to put it down I'm gona hold it to my chest.

If you just keep holding me, tomorrow I'll go quietly
If you just poke holes in me, I promise that I'll never bleed.
Body contact is enough to tempt me, when you find one that fits I'll be twice as empty
Until you find a fit I get what I need but I'll be twice as empty when you succeed.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem was inspired by my always being attracted to "straight" guys and the situations I end up in as a result. Would really like some feedback on this as it means a-lot to me.

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wonderful :) i was lost in

wonderful :) i was lost in it.. and btw.. it  sounded like a rap song

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thanks for reading! that's a very big compliment as I've written a few rap songs! I could post them up here if you'd be interested in the read?

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Hello boston 1's !!!

I think this poem is written excellently. The writer expresses a situation where there is someone who always attracts, and is attracted to people who seem to cause him/her heartache. It resonates with many relationships of mine in the past. I was attracted to the 'bad boy' image. It seemed to touch me with an allure that stirred my passions, and through reading self help books, I came upon a suggestion that worked for me. The book suggested to do an 'experiment' with myself of a kind. It suggested to intentionally, not date those guys who I was attracted to, rather develop intimate friendships with those guys I was not attracted to. I even married someone I was not really 'attracted to' according to my definition of the word at that time. Of course it wound up the same as all the others. By the end of the journey, what I found out was monumental in my search for what a healthy relationship is, but it was through those 'experiments', I learned so much about myself and my inner workings, and came to realize that the 'attractions' of my past were mostly about a lot of unresolved crap within me. It was good and bad at the same time, but knowing that caused me to grow up in big way, realizing that nothing is ever 100% wonderful. We live and learn and the process of coming to fruition about relationships is all about having them, and that means knowing someone enough to see the attributes in their personality that can compliment your own, as well as intrigue. Both are highly important ingredients. If this poem is about you, I seek to give you hope that has a taste of realness, and not a distorted fantasy that a child's mind tends to conjure. I hope things work out as well for you in your search as they have for those who have utilized the option of 'the inner path' towards a true and steadfast love that lasts through hurdle after hurdle that life dishes out to everyone. Blessings. ~Lizzy Chick~

...and he asked her, "do you write poetry? Because I feel as if I am the ink that flows from your quill."

"No", she replied, "but I have experienced it. "


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@ lizzy chick

thanks so much for that reply! I am touched by your story and glad you got something out of it! I have only over the last year or two started finding my path and accepting every part of who I am and by the looks of your comment you are on a similar path. Finding out that we don't need to be a victim of our own thoughts and feelings and they we have more control over our lives than we could ever imagine is a ownderful thing! take care!

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liked the read! :) welcome to

liked the read! :) welcome to PP!!

Copyright © morningglory

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Thanks :D 

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Nice job man!! I'm new to

Nice job man!! I'm new to this whole poem thing, but I think I kind of got the vibe of what your trying to say. Awesome!

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hey man! same kinda! thanks that's better feedback and quicker than I could have hoped for! aha it's appreciated!