dear lord,


i will be alright

when i fall to the ground

with my hopes in my hands

i will be okay!

with you lord, i will be just fine!

everything is hard when your all alone,

when you can not trust people

but yourself,

hope is the cure that will help

you stay strong,

remindng your heart that tomorow

is a new day.

when i lose my faith

i will look for you

when i am lost and

do not know where to turn

i know you will be by myside

with you lord

i will be alright,

everything will be okay!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

sometimes things seem hopeless but i remember that i may have a bad day today but tomorow well its a new day i cant give up!

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Zeke Sage's picture

even tho you look at life quite differently than i,,, i rather enjoyed the way you expressed yourself in this poem, i thought it was really good, espessially the new day part

SoccerBaby430's picture

A new Day =)

Thank you for your comment. It's never an easy thing to be opptomistic in life, it is one of those crazy things one can never be to sure of.
but no matter what a new day will ways come to us all. =)