grief sadness

The Well

at the bottom of each well i've heard you'll find treasure,
through all of the darkness, through all you can't measure,
so sink down in silence, let darkness surround you,
and out of the blackness, you'll hear "I have found you"

this voice is familiar, to skin and to bone,
you listen in black, you find it's your own,
the coins you threw down, the parts that you buried,
discover these pieces, they're waiting, unhurried,

all hurt and all sorrow, all loss and all grief,
has come through the years to you like a thief,
and stolen some youth, some joy and some pleasure,
it's this at the bottom, this is your treasure,

so let yourself sink, draw the blinds, sit in darkness,
shut out all life, distraction and harshness,
alone in your sadness, don't force the "move on",
cause down there is meaning, all lyric, all song...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To Emma, 15/12/76 - 22/1/12. Way too soon my friend. The first poem i've ever posted, please feel free to comment ad criticize constructively.

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When it came to your acting career, you were no slacker.
You starred as Sam the butcher and as Sergeant Hacker.
You guest starred on the Andy Griffith Show at least ten times.
On that show you mostly played characters who turned to crime.
It was extremely sad when your life ended.
You were a great actor and you certainly deserve to be commended.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to Allan Melvin Who died January 17, 2008.

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medley of my insanity (Recall)

out of words out of rhyme,
cant think of anything,running out of time.
getting stupid,getting weaker,
got to get out of here,its getting deeper.

im growing old,nothings new,
im drowning helplessly,what should i do.
debris everywhere,everything's torn apart,
im cluttering here and there.. i dont know where to start.

im humming again these insane medley,
in my head again,spinning within me.
i cant get no further, im lost,
where are the people around me when i needed them the most..

running out of time,running out of rhyme,
there's nothing here that i can really call mine.
when forever's lost and freedoms blurred,
then these medley of my insanity will always be heard..

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O, sweet sorrow
give me more to taste
put in some time
and a pinch of hate

o, sweet sorrow
be there for me
provide and pain
so i will savour nothing
but your sweets

o, sweet sorrow
show me the dark
explore my past
craddle me so deep
that it leaves a mark

o, sweet sweet sorrow
give me more to taste
put in some time 
and a pinch of hate 

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dear lord,


i will be alright

when i fall to the ground

with my hopes in my hands

i will be okay!

with you lord, i will be just fine!

everything is hard when your all alone,

when you can not trust people

but yourself,

hope is the cure that will help

you stay strong,

remindng your heart that tomorow

is a new day.

when i lose my faith

i will look for you

when i am lost and

do not know where to turn

i know you will be by myside

with you lord

i will be alright,

everything will be okay!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

sometimes things seem hopeless but i remember that i may have a bad day today but tomorow well its a new day i cant give up!

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