Verse 1:
When the darkness
Of the past
Overwhelms you,
Know that there
Is a light hid,
Hidden within
Your heart.


That light
In your heart –
Will you choose
To ignore it?
Or will you
Continually shut
The world in?


The pages have turned.
A new story’s ending
Will be written.
Is your story
Written there?
(Written there)


Shutting the world in,
You lose yourself,
Lose yourself in the dark.
Trapped within
Memories of the past,
You have chosen
Your ending.


The stories ending:
Morality speaks.
A spark appears.


With this pen,
You write,
Write a new ending.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this song in a series titled: "For a Friend" , which is a series of songs at various stages of life dedicated to a friend of mine.

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