I couldn’t make my bedroom church

reading psalms and Lord’s prayers


the light of my lamp and

the portion of my cup couldn’t


lift my soul mired in passions

and silence of the morning


the confessions couldn’t remove

my anguish of ages


nor the tears and cries strengthen

faith  hope  and love – the rock


slips the grip for enemies

within don’t halt my body



glues to the ground seeking

darkness of the womb and joys


ever restless the child doesn’t

grow  and the father  fails


in verses I can’t hide fears

my face I despise, can’t find


freedom from the chemicals

sprayed in the air and the smog


oppressing my breath, the sun

fails to keep the covenant


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Born For Infinity



Born For Infinity 


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As water falls
  from clouds
And music flows
from guitars
and words leave
  the poet
and light
  pours from stars

As art
 from the painter
 scent radiates
from bloom
peach tree
bursts from pit
 child born
of womb

As attraction
leaves the magnet
love departs the heart
heat leaves the fire
from souls depart

-saiom shriver-




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thalasso baby bath




wake up precious beauty,


as you lie inside my hand,


drops of tender gentleness,


await you in this land,



open eyes, sweet baby,


there is so much here to see,


we're trying hard each night and day,


to make a better place for thee.



breathe in air my loved one,


taste the milk that will sustain,


this life is full of sunshine,


and it's also filled with rain.



So as you feel each droplet,


know that love is leading the way,


kiss the sun each morning,


hope will shine bright on this day.





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...one of the most beautiful videos I have ever watched.

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