My Grandfathers Toys


Monday through Sunday at any given hour me and my cousins would be expecting our grandfather to drop by and give us some new toys. From water guns, to action figures that stick to windows, to light up pens with musical tunes, we could always expect to get a new toy from my grandfather. I could see him as a modern Santa Clause driving in an old white Toyota overflowing with games and toys of every shape and color on the back and front seats, on the floor and even on the panel. Every time he came over to my house, even though he knew the answer, he would ask me if I wanted a toy. And every time I would say “yes!” With an excitement that made my blood run faster. He would go back to his “magic car”, as I used to call it, and he would bring back two options from which I had to choose. He would have both toys in either one of his hands and had them behind his back. He would first tell me to choose a hand, I could hear the cracking plastic that would protect them from getting any damage, then he would give me the toy that corresponded to either the right or left side but then I would ask for both toys, because I knew he would normally give me both, and he would say I will give you the other one under the condition that you give me a hug and a kiss. Of course I would agree to the terms and end up with two new toys. I can’t remember a day that I didn't see him smiling, I had never seen him mad or sad, never with a frown, only smiles were allowed within his expressions. All of his joy was reflected on the quantity of toys that he had accumulated in his car. The funny thing is that the toys that he gave us would always break a few hours after playing with them. They were Mexican toys which meant colourful and fun but made with a very bad quality. Those toys were more than pieces of colourful plastic, they were physical demonstrations of love and care which he knew that they will make us happy. My grandfather loved to play with us and he was very good with his hands. He would sometimes even make wood toys for us like tops or rocking horses and in special occasions he would buy us fireworks or video games. My grandfather loves me and my cousins and he loves to give more than to receive. He is a great man and a better role model.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This prose poem was inspired by my grandfather go loved me and all of my family very much. 

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Christmas Morning

Christmas morning hearing
childrens laughs, unwrapping
of ooooos and ahhhhhs
happiness is here from
Mr. Santa Claus

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