A bus ride to Troika Sky Dining from Pan Pacific

Pan Pacific 


This rectangular designed hotel might seem to be quite ordinary the moment you enter it, but as soon as you enter the guest rooms of this hotel it is sure to leave you mesmerized. The rooms have been quite tastefully decorated with fabrics made up of sober colours and designs that are quite simple and make sense. 


Located on Orchard Road, which is right in the centre of the town, the hotel is quite easily reachable from the Changi International Airport and is just a 25 minutes bus ride from the Airport. Last summer my parents had travelled to this destination and they were quite pleased by the way, buses ply on this route.  Their experience of having booked buses online all throughout their tour to Singapore and Malaysia through Red Bus was quite pleasant.  I would recommend anyone to book a bus through and you really need not worry about travelling. 


Pan Pacific got a major makeover and all the 206 rooms now have a modern and trendy design. It also has an Italian restaurant serving some of the best Italian dishes and the Chefgs catering to you are Italian as well. This hotel is a great choice if you are planning to tour the heart of the Lion City. Equipped with some of the most luxurious facilities like a fitness centre, a Jacuzzi, a swimming pool and a sauna you will hardly feel the need to go out. However, if you do feel the need make sure to venture out in the Orchard Shopping district where you will find great products at reasonable prices. It is one of the best places to indulge into some impulse buying. 


Looking forward to visit Troika Sky Dining, I boarded a bus right opposite Pan Pacific Hotel that dropped me off at the Ampang Park bus stop. Troika is just 6 minutes away from here. The total duration of the journey is about 10 hours and there is a bus every hour.   You can also try out the Express Bus options while travelling long distances by Bus.  This will let you save time as they halt at limited locations.  Most important feature of these buses is that ply on their scheduled time with a marginal difference that it could be due to traffic snarls. Bus operators plying on this route are Rapid KL, KTMB, SBS Transit and Trans National. 



Troika Sky Dining


Troika Sky Dining is one such venue where the interiors have been kept quite simple and enticing. The bar instantly shot to fame – thanks to its inventive cocktails and a talented team of mixologists. There is a wide selection of beers, wines and champagnes and they will happily prepare one for you based on your request.  If you want to have the best experience here, ask the attendants for their recommendations. The bar is usually filled up to its entire capacity in the evenings as people drop in a visit after their day’s work. 





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Best accommodations to stay at after a tiring Bus Journey

The best luxury hotels in Singapore comprises of a host of famous and some of the most internationally renowned names. There are also some accommodations here, which are although luxurious but are not instantly recognisable. The best part of these accommodations is that they are easily reachable even if you are travelling from Malaysia. There are luxury buses that will drop you off straight from your pick up point in Malaysia to the doorstep of these hotels. I booked my bus tickets from  redbus.


The Ritz Carlton Hotel


This hotel is a mix of regency style fittings and fixtures as well as modern amenities and facilities.  The roofs feature floor to ceiling windows and offer some of the best-unobstructed views of the skyline of Singapore. It is just a 20 to 30 minute drive from the Changi International Airport of Singapore and the hotel boasts of one of the largest guest rooms compared to any other hotel in Singapore. One of the unique features of this hotel is that the place is home to a 4200 contemporary collection of arts by some of the best artists. Landscapes, gardens, rocks as well as an outdoor swimming pool surround the hotel. It is just a short walk away from the Theatres by the Bay Playhouse making this place a unique experience for its visitors. It houses more than 608 guest rooms with 2 restaurants specialising in local as well as global cuisine. If you are a fitness freak, you will be happy to know that it features a 24-hour fitness centre with some of the most experienced trainers. Coffee and Tea is not just available in the rooms but in the common areas as well. 


Raffles Hotel 


Raffles Hotel opened its door to the people in the year 1887 and has since then become a significant luxury landmark in Singapore. It is also considered one of the world’s most famous hotels as VVIPs consider staying here. The hotel walls are full of classic works by some of the most popular artists. Entrepreneurs who are in Singapore on a business trip as it is located right in the heart of the financial district of Singapore also prefer the hotel. Raffles today has become one of the most important tourist attractions – thanks to its colonial ambience and pages of history. A stay here will cost you around SGD 636. It is home to about 103 guest rooms with a full serviced spa and an outdoor pool. There is also a 24-hour business centre for you to conduct meetings online. Free Wi-Fi is available across the premises and not just in the rooms. 



This hotel is in proximity to some of the most significant landmarks like the China Town Heritage Centre, Raffles City, Esplanade Theatres, Asian Civilisation Museum and the Singapore Flier. The check in time of this hotel starts at 2:00 pm and ends at around noon. You will be quite happy and pleased if you opt to stay in any of the above hotels.  

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A bus ride from Hyderabad to Visakhapatnam

Visakhapatnam the city, not only identified for its coastal beauty overlooking the Bay of Bengal but also for its splendid hilly terrain. This city is developed and linked accurately with other main cities with the aid of roadways, similar to Hyderabad being some of the favoured bus route. I planned to travel by bus from Hyderabad to Visakhapatnam and took online tickets from They gave some discounts too! I was travelling along with a friend and we decided to travel by Ac semi sleeper bus that took around 12 hours to reach Visakhapatnam.

The bus played a vital role in shaping an ultimate journey scenario for us. We had been touring to Visakhapatnam during the period of the summers; my entire plan was once simply to spend a weekend there. We boarded the bus at 9pm from Vanasthalipuram pick up point and reached OLD GAJUWAKA at 10:30am the next day.

The bus goes by way of a few picturesque spots like long-stretching expressways, rich greenery, estates and broadened territories. It was a 6 hours bus travel with one relaxation stop. Both of us delighted in some scorching espresso with just a few fries. The two of us were super excited, as this was the first event when we both had been visiting by means of bus. These recollections of the vacation will proceed going longer. Aside from exploring the magnificence of Visakhapatnam, we loved our bus trip too. Despite of the fact, that it was a whole night bus journey, yet the time we had spent together in the vehicle was priceless. Our travel list for two days included spots of excitement in Visakhapatnam like Araku Valley, Dolphin Nose, Borra Hollows, Ramakrishna Shoreline and much more. Well, a trip by bus cannot get any better when your best friend has accompanied you.  

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Berkendara dengan Bus dari Semarang ke Jakarta

Semarang adalah ibu kota Provinsi Jawa Tengah dan terletak di pantai utara laut Jawa. Kota ini juga terletak di tengah perbatasan antara pantai timur dan pantai barat Pulau Jawa. Anda bisa mendapatkan pemandangan yang menakjubkan pelabuhan jika Anda berada di puncak Bukit Candi. Kota ini banyak dipenuhi oleh sawah yang menanam berbagai jenis pangan sehingga terlihat berwarna hijau yang mengelilingi jalan-jalan. Suasana kota ini sangat cocok untuk melakukan perjalanan pada siang hari waktu siang maupun perjalanan wisata seharian. Semarang dianggap sebagai kota kelima yang paling besar di wilayah Negara Indonesia. Kota ini adalah kota administrasi dan pusat perdagangan yang ramai dikunjungi oleh penduduk lokal dan para pebisnis internasional sepanjang tahun dan sebagian besar pusat komersial, pusat perkantoran, kawasan industri terkonsentrasi di wilayah dataran rendah kota. Sebagian besar wilayah pemukiman dan perumahan terletak di sisi berbukit kota.


Satu hal lagi yang sangat menarik perhatian adalah masing-masing rumah yang ada di sini memiliki taman yang indah yang mengelilingi mereka dan di sekitarnya juga terdapat pemandangan kota dan laut yang sangat menakjubkan. Catatan kuno kota ini dimulai dari abad ke-15 dan abad ke-18. Anda akan menemukan beberapa monumen kuno dan kolonial yang masih berdiri tegak di dalam kota ini. Ada juga area tua di kota ini yang dekat dengan pelabuhan, yang jika Anda jelajahi sampai ke dalamnya, Anda akan menemukan koleksi bangunan aneh yang sangat luar biasa yang dibangun oleh orang-orang Belanda di sini. Pada zaman penjajahan Belanda, kawasan ini sepenuhnya berada di bawah kontrol Perusahaan Hindia Belanda. Kawasan ini adalah salah satu tempat yang harus Anda kunjungi dan jika Anda ke tempat ini pada saat yang tepat, Anda bisa melihat langsung pertunjukan wayang tradisional.


Seorang teman telah memberi tahu Saya bahwa tiket bus ke Kota Jakarta terjual habis dengan cukup cepat, jadi Saya harus memesannya terlebih dahulu saat Saya masih berkeliling di Kota Semarang. Berdasarkan rekomendasinya, Saya mencoba memesan tiket bus dari website ini dan ternyata sangat mudah serta sangat membantu. Menurut website ini, ada sekitar tiga operator bus yang cukup terkenal yang mengoperasikan bus di rute antara Kota Semarang dan Kota Jakarta.


Pahala Kencana, Nusantara dan Rendra Travels adalah operator yang mengoperasikan bus setiap hari di rute antara Kota Semarang dan Kota Jakarta. Pahala Kencana adalah operator bus mewah yang hanya mengoperasikan satu bus sepanjang hari, yaitu pada pukul 16.00 sore hari. Durasi perjalanan antara kedua kota kira-kira akan memakan waktu sekitar 13 jam dan ada beberapa kali istirahat untuk pergi ke kamar mandi, makan siang dan juga makan malam. Karena Pahala Kencana adalah operator bus mewah maka biaya untuk satu tiket dimulai dari harga Rp 260.000,-. Ada sekitar 34 sampai 35 kursi di setiap bus dengan ruang yang cukup luas untuk meletakkan tangan dan kaki. Nusantara adalah operator lain yang mengoperasikan bus eksekutif di rute antara kedua kota ini. Operator bus ini memiliki sekitar 4 bus yang beroperasi dimulai pukul 18.00 sore hari sampai pukul 21.00 malam hari. Frekuensi kedatangan bus sekitar 45 menit dan bus selalu berangkat tepat waktu. Biaya untuk satu tiket operator bus eksekutif ini sekitar Rp 190.000,-.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

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A Bus Ride to some Luxury Accommodations in Sabah

The best hotels in Sabah are famous globally and are the most renowned brands. All of these hotels are equipped with some of the most modern amenities and some of the most luxurious guest rooms that any of the other hotels have to offer. Each of these guest rooms are provided with personalised services and are perfect for affluent travellers. Those looking forward to live in style and luxury can easily afford these hotels. Surrounded by some of the most magnificent beaches, calm and serene blue waters the hotel is strategically located in locations where you can watch an array of wild life pigs and turtles, however, from a distance. When you are planning to splurge so much on your accommodation budget, I recommend you to save on your travel budget. You can do so by boarding any of the buses in Sabah that will ferry you to all of the important landmarks here and at economical prices that remain fixed be it peak or lean hour without any surge.


You don’t have to carry cash or change thanks to this website  redbus which lets you book tickets and pay for them online so you just need to get out of your hotel, board a bus and zip through the city. They also have some exciting discounts to offer!



Shangri La’s Rasa Ria Resort and Spa 


Shangri La’s Rasa Ria Resort and Spa is equipped with 406 guest rooms with modern decor and futuristic amenities. The hotel has been divided into the garden wing and the ocean wing. The garden wing comprises of 326 rooms and 12 luxurious suites. All of these suites have their own private gardens with individual balconies that offer a view of the plush green landscape. You can easily reach this hotel by boarding a bus from the Central Station. The bus can be easily tracked online so you do not have to keep waiting at the Bus Stop. I must say that this hotel is very well appointed and also located on a lovely private beach.  The staff has been exceptionally helpful and I found even the gardener very friendly and always willing to help its guests. I booked a deluxe garden view room on the ground floor and I must say my stay here was quite memorable. If you are looking for a vacation with your family and kids, this place is one that you must visit.



Shangri La’s Tan Jung Aru Resort and Spa


Shangri La’s Tan Jung Aru Resort and Spa is just 10 minutes away from the Kota Kina Balu International Airport and can be easily reached by bus. There are buses from the airport to reach this hotel every 15 minutes and since I have been here, I do not want you to make the same mistake of paying for sitting in traffic by booking a cab. The Hotel has its very own private beach that overlooks the National Park. The rooms here are based on the contemporary theme and have just been recently renovated. There is also a 2000 square metre pool with a tapered shoreline. 



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A Bus Ride to 2 best Luxury Hotels in Langkawi

The luxury hotels in Langkawi are full of class and sophistication along with exclusivity and extravagance. Most of these hotels are rated 5 stars and provide the best of experiences to its guests. The Hotels here are known to compete with the best international hotels out there and have never compromised on guest experience offering all kinds of modern comforts, gardens that have plush greenery and rooms that are equipped with the most modern amenities. It also lets its guests indulge in healthy activities like jungle trekking, caving, snorkelling, parasailing, jetskiiing and diving. The best part is that these luxury resorts have been built alongside private beaches, which ensure privacy. Overlooking calm serene waters and tropical rain forests, you can just keep gazing at the view outside your room. 


Malaysia surely has many reasons to boast about their strategically planned road networks. The road planning is such that you can reach every nook and corner of the city without having to change your mode of transport frequently. You can just board a bus and reach your destination without any interchange of buses. Apart from this, the punctuality and low fares of the bus transit system has encouraged people to leave their own cars back at home. These buses have their own tracking system and there is no need to wait at the bus stop either. You can travel carefree without your wallets thanks to  redbus, which will let you book your bus tickets online. So next time you plan on going somewhere open your redbus app, book your tickets and zip through the city conveniently and hassle free. The website also rewards you via discounts and cashback offers!



The Andaman a Luxury Resort


The hotel is located on a Golf Club amidst an untouched tropical rain forest. It is a 5 star hotel built in Malay style. The architecture has ancient as well as modern antiques to it. It is spread across 15,000 acres of land and boasts of an 18 hole Golf Championship Club. Tourists who have visited here call it a luxurious retreat within a forest. So when you are planning to spend so much on luxury why not save some on travel – Thanks to Langkawai’s strong Bus Transit System I feel the buses here are more luxurious compared to the Cabs.  Offering more or better comforts at lower prices is what everyone wants right.


Tanjung Rhu Resort


This enormous resort houses more than 136 luxurious and cosy guest rooms and is located on the northern part of Langkawai Island. It spans across 1100 acres of sprawling rain forests and untouched mangroves. The rooms are completely furnished and have some of the most modern amenities. A stay in this hotel will set you back by RM705. The hotel has around 3 restaurants and 2 pool size bars. I recommend you to indulge yourself in the full services spa here. You can board an Express bus from the airport that will drop you around 1.5 kms from this hotel. 




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A Bus Ride to Langkawi and 2 best night stay hotels

These hotels are the perfect options for people   who are looking to stay just for a night   and are on tight budgets. Though the rooms have been priced economically, these hotels offer cosy guest rooms, extend warm hospitality and top notch facilities so that you can complete your stay without any hassles. These hotels are situated at strategic locations just kilometres away from duty free shops and iconic landmarks. The prime location makes it even more easily to reach here as there are several buses plying on these routes. Travelling by cab is not only costly but also a hassle as I experienced that the cabbies here tend to overcharge.  There are also plenty of dining options where you can have a sumptuous meal at unbelievable prices. If you are looking for a quick accommodation but a comfortable one these hotels should be your best choices.


Malaysia surely has many reasons to boast about their strategically planned road networks. The road planning is such that you can reach every nook and corner of the city without having to change your mode of transport frequently. You can just board a bus and reach your destination without any interchange of buses. Apart from this, the punctuality and low fares of the bus transit system has encouraged people to leave their own cars back at home. These buses have their own tracking system and there is no need to wait at the bus stop either. You can travel carefree without your wallets thanks to , which will let you book your bus tickets online. So next time you plan on going somewhere open your redbus app, book your tickets and zip through the city conveniently and hassle free. The website also rewards you via discounts and cashback offers!


Langkawi Sea View Hotel                                                                                                                            


This is a 3 star hotel situated in Kuah which is just 18 kms away from the Langkawi International Airport. The room has sophisticated decor and furnished with all essential comforts. The room also features a private balcony and a viewing deck that offers magnificent views of calm and serene waters. The room is equipped with a safety deposit box and laptop charging stations. A stay in this hotel will set you back by just RM167. It houses more than 143 guest rooms and suites, a huge indoor pool, a 24 hours fitness centre for the gymming enthusiasts and a conference centre for guests who are out on a business trip. The hotel is at a 25-minute distance from the airport so I highly recommend you to reach here by bus instead of paying higher fares for Cabs.


BellaVista Waterfront Resort


The hotel is just 15.8 kms away from the Langkawi International Airport, which is a lot of distance, and travelling by Cab will set you back by around RM200 not forgetting surge pricing by Cab Aggregators. The funny part being your travel expense will be much more than your stay here, which is just RM167. The hotel houses more than 275 guest rooms, 2 restaurants and an outdoor pool. Looking at all the above, I highly recommend you to travel by bus. 




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A Bus Ride to Top 2 Beach Resorts in Langkawi, Malaysia


If you are one of those travellers who likes to stay close to the islands crystal clear waters and beaches with yellow sands, the beach resorts in Langkawi is the perfect place for you. These resorts have opulent theme, wooden walls and traditional mattresses that extend a cosy atmosphere. Located amidst plush rain forests these sleek and modern properties also have ease of access to Langkawi’s numerous historical attractions. Langkawi is one place, which has been, regarded the country’s holiday premiere destination – thanks to its excellent diving opportunities, exciting nightlife, restaurants serving local and international cuisine and the duty free shopping outlets. All of this is very easily accessible by the punctual bus transportation here. I have listed out the top 2 beach resorts for you that has some of the most well-appointed guest rooms with magnificent views of the waters and sunset, modern amenities and a wide array of dining options. If you are in for some fun, you can also indulge in the resort’s exciting water sports or just rest on the white sand with a drink in your hand.  Malaysia has one of the best bus transportation systems in the world precisely why the locals themselves leave their cars at home and prefer to travel by bus. The bus operators here are not only punctual about their timings but also provide the best services. The bus transit system ensures that you have point-to-point connectivity to the most important landmarks in Malaysia. Most buses arrive at an interval of 15 minutes and have tracking systems so that you can leave your hotel for the bus stop at the right time! The bus fares in Malaysia are some of the lowest in the world but there is absolutely no compromise on quality of service. You can book your bus tickets from at discounted rates. It is a completely hassle free procedure and you can pay online too! Book your tickets and zip past the city at unbelievable prices.



Holiday Villa Beach Resort and Spa


Holiday Villa Beach Resort and Spa is a 5 star hotel located at Pantai Tengah making it one of the perfect places if you are looking forward to have some discreet time. The hotel is quite close to the centre of the city making back and forth travel by bus one of the best options. The hotel has around 228 rooms and 30 suites each having their own private balcony. The prices are a little on the higher side here so if you are planning to splurge on this hotel I recommend you to save on your travel by boarding a bus from the Airport that will drop you off at a bus stop that is just 2 minutes away from this hotel. 




Century Langkawi Beach Resort


It is a 5 star hotel located at Pantai Kok along the western coast line. The guest rooms have interiors that are a mix of traditional and contemporary design. A stay at this hotel will set you back by around RM300. The hotel has about 150 guest rooms with all amenities like outdoor pools, fitness centre and a modern business centre. The hotel is just 5.6 kms away from the airport but a cab ride will set you back around RM100. Hence, I highly recommend you to board a bus. 



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Bepergian Naik Bus dari Kebumen Menuju Jakarta



Kebumen adalah salah satu kota yang terletak di Pulau Jawa dan merupakan ibu kota Kabupaten Kebumen. Kota ini memiliki jumlah populasi penduduk sekitar 122.000 orang. Beberapa tahun belakangan ini, kota ini telah menjadi pusat administrasi. Kota ini cukup terkenal dengan budayanya yang sangat unik dan masyarakatnya yang cukup hangat dan ramah untuk menyambut para wisatawan yang datang. Memiliki total luas daerah sekitar 203 mil2, kota ini berada di sekitar Samudera Hindia. Sebagian besar penduduk yang tinggal di sini adalah orang Jawa dan agama mayoritas di sini adalah agama Islam. Kota ini kaya akan tanaman pangan terutama padi, kedelai dan perkebunan kelapa. Beberapa tempat wisata terbaik yang bisa Anda kunjungi di Kebumen adalah Pantai Menganti, Gua Jatijajar, Benteng Van der Wijck dan juga Pantai Karang Bolong. Cuaca di kota ini cukup nyaman karena  berkisar di antara 24o celcius sepanjang tahun, dan hal inilah juga yang menjadikan kota ini lebih dingin dibanding kota-kota lain di Indonesia.


Salah satu alat transportasi yang dianggap terbaik di wilayah Indonesia adalah bus. Dibandingkan harus terjebak kemacetan di jalan dan membayar lebih, sebagian besar penduduk lokal lebih memilih untuk melakukan perjalanan dengan bus. Jumlah bus yang tersedia juga cukup banyak dengan bus yang tiba hampir setiap 15 menit. Satu hal yang Saya sarankan adalah pesanlah tiket bus Anda terlebih dahulu dari karena tiket bus setiap hari terjual habis dengan cepat. Website ini menawarkan tiket dengan harga diskon yang besar dan Anda memiliki pilihan untuk memilih dari berbagai macam bus seperti ekonomi, ekspres dan VIP. Perjalanan dengan menggunakan bus akan menghabiskan biaya antara Rp 50.000,- sampai Rp 200.000,- semuanya tergantung dari kelas bus yang dipesan. Saya merekomendasikan Anda untuk memesan bus ekspres karena jenis bus ini memiliki lebih sedikit pemberhentian dan tentunya akan membawa Anda ke tempat tujuan lebih cepat, jika Anda sedang dikejar waktu. Anda bisa memesan tiket di bus ekonomi, jika Anda sedang menghemat pengeluaran Anda. Bus VIP adalah kelas bus terpisah dengan tempat duduk dan dilengkapi dengan film dan makanan ringan. Pesanlah tiket bus Anda sekarang dan rencakanlah liburan yang menyenangkan.





Jakarta adalah salah satu kota yang paling penting di Indonesia dan merupakan ibu kota Negara Republik Indonesia. Negara Indonesia terdiri lebih dari 13.000 pulau dan memiliki total jumlah penduduk lebih dari 180 juta jiwa. Kota ini terdiri dari 300 kelompok etnis yang berbeda yang berbicara dalam 200 bahasa yang berbeda. Oleh karena itulah, Jakarta terkenal sebagai salah satu kota yang memiliki populasi penduduk paling beragam di seluruh wilayah Indonesia. Kota yang megah ini telah lama ditetapkan sebagai sebuah provinsi khusus yang terdiri dari Jabodetabek dan memiliki total luas daerah sekitar 637 km2. Lokasi kota ini yang sangat strategis telah memegang peranan penting dalam menjalankan bisnis dengan negara-negara internasional. Di dalam kota ini terdapat banyak bangunan pemerintah, pusat komersial dan pusat industri utama. Kota Jakarta juga telah berhasil membangun jaringan komunikasi yang luas di dalam kota dan ke berbagai kota di dalam negeri, serta dengan dunia luar. Kota ini memang dikenal oleh para wisatawan sebagai pintu gerbang menuju Indonesia.



Perjalanan antara Kota Kebumen dan Kota Jakarta akan menghabiskan waktu sekitar 7 jam dan 15 menit dengan menggunakan bus. Operator bus yang beroperasi pada rute ini adalah Senar Jaya. Anda bisa naik bus dari Terminal Bus Kebumen. Bus berangkat setiap hari tepat pada pukul 17.30 sore hari. Harga tiket kelas ekonomi di Bus AC akan menghabiskan biaya sekitar Rp 70.000,-.

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