With-in my heart

  with-in My Heart!

in my heart there lies a thorn way deep down to which no one can see
it torments me all thru the day and i know in my heart it wont set me free
Im living with pain day after day and it settled in and dont wanna depart
so all i can say to you my friend is theres not much left with-in my heart
all around me i see smiling faces never a worry and with out any fears
as i look in the mirror all i can see is the age old pain of my unshed tears
i think to myself what will i do and how will i cope if it never wants to part
all i want is my wish fulfilled and long lasting peace with-in my heart
others say these things will come my way and break thru my dark gray night
and a bright new dawn will push on thru and end my pain and hear my plight
but that day never comes and rescues me so here i am waiting for life to restart
so now i wait for that day to come and take the pain away thats with-in my heart


                                                zoeycup 16

Author's Notes/Comments: 

sometimes life throws bad days our way, its how we chose to look at them and deal with them, hope you like this one!!!

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"For Lady Jeanne Guyon....great mystic"

My Work

“Hope scans the galaxy;
mirrored blinded Light.
Lying to a throat that’s parched,
dreams, familiar curse.
Novel, writer’s travesty;
heroine loses fight.
Sword piercing weakened heart;
summons vulture thirst.
Insane from the blessing;
choking on Your silence;
still, I am kneeling.
in Your favorite pose.
Memories transgressing,
upon Your theme of violence,
Breaking in and stealing,
the thorn becomes the Rose.
Driven mad by guessing,
what’s behind the mask,
Questions are disruptive,
to godly imagery.
But,as we move, undressing;
I have learned, at last,
The thorns are more seductive,
than a rose could hope to be."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To all who REALLY know....

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