Snake in the Grass


They say what goes around comes around


And that karma's a bitch


And you'll get back tenfold


Whatever you dish.




When you mess with a snake


You are bound to get bit.


You were merely a snake in disguise,


Using the grass to befit.




For every action, you take


There is an equal but opposite


Reaction you make.




So, with a little distraction


And a bit of retraction


In due time, I'll seek my revenge


To gain sweet satisfaction.




You think I forgot and forgave


And over time tensions eased,


I'm not as passive as I once was,


You won't get off scot-free.




You love to play games


And break all the rules,


Never concerned about repercussions


Which makes you a fool.




You show no remorse,


Not ashamed in the least,


Nor bother with repentance,


In fact, you seem pleased.




I'm reasonable by far,


I see both sides to a story,


But if I stood where you're standing


Then yeah, I'd be worried!





~Deziraye Wald~


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Sassylass's picture


like a woman scorned.....

the law of reciprocity says paybacks to anyone who violates Gods laws.

any unloving act gets a payback. We reap what we sow.

id rather keep peace with anyone and I was hurt recently.

I'll go my way in peace.

be blessed yourself!


Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....