*Only The Strong Will Survive*

Trisha M Barrek Hopkins

Leave me in heaven if i should die 
Help my soul if i shall cry 
When i fall help me shake it off 
Help me believe only the strongest will survive 
It s time to go 
Help me and my heart thrive 
Just ride with the flow 
God let me know 
Tell me my shadow will remain on the wall 
And when i look down at the ground it will still be below 
I will stay 
Try to stay alive 
Go out with my kids to play 
And be stronger then the demons i may hold 
Or The depressions and stress i may buildup inside 
And try to forget the evil I've been told 
And be able to see the crisp blue of the day 
I will try to not become greedy for gold 
Because Only the strongest will survive 
I will always protect my sacred ground 
For no one can destroy my will 
For each day will become the past 
And the power to live i have found 
My strength will forever last 
For i have no need for a fun pill 
For only the strongest will survive 
Leave me in heaven when i die 
Show me the way 
To save us all 
How to erase my darkest day 
Because i plan on standing tall 
We remain hand on hand 
There is a wonder in peoples eyes 
And always one set of footprints in the sand 
Even though i still hear the echo of my pasts cries 
The salty tears i once in awhile see 
Rolling down my face 
Trying to not believe 
My hearts moving at a faster pace 
As i begin to float upward toward the midnight sky 
Where in heaven im meant to rest 
Finally i am allowed to die 
Or maybe it s just a test 
God my be playing to see how far 
My will can with stand the cards i am dealt 
Or to see if my evil away will melt 
Because only the strongest will survive 
I do know i want to remain alive 
For i will protect my days i have on this earth for a very long time 
Because god could take me up to heaven in a drop of a dime 


By: Trisha M Barrek Hopkins
Finished: 1:21 am 3-22-07