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A desire to go north

to an ancient kingdom of myth


Beyond the map

at worlds end


A place undisturbed by time

where the mind  cannot be bothered


By the day to day stresses

of an insignificant existence


Where the snow is always soft

and the wind echos its song


Like shamballa, the mystery calls

you to the coordinates


To explore the possibility of the direction

you take


As you try to escape the captivity

of a heavy heart


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We Have Returned

We rose from our icy crypts,

encased for thousands of years

in dreamless sleep,

awaiting the alining of the orbs,

so that we could once again

walk the earth as kings and queens,


Ancestral rulers, which became myth,

damned to obscurity for so long;

the cold grave took its tole on our minds,

not sparing us the rot of time,


In that limbo of forever,

a perpetual fall of snow,

having not seen the sun

since we last closed our eyes

to that hell below


Finally, we can rest 

awake to the light,

which has been revealed through

the cracks in 

our cells


Finally, we can go where we wish,

free from the bonds of the afterlife,

which turned out to be no life

at all!!!





Author's Notes/Comments: 

The Frost giants sleep below the earth awaiting their resurrection in Ragnarok.


These viking warriors know no limits.

born from the icy climes;

where there are no mountains that cannot be climbed


Getting bored with staying in one place for too long

they venture beyond to warmer plains

hoping to escape their miserable rain;


Armed to the teeth with their battle axes and swords.

they take many prisoners and fuck many whores.


These brutes who are never content, always wanting with unrelent;

something more than just an average existence,

bringing  their pestilence and reaping their reward:

these marauders of the north hoping to take the world by storm.







A man of the north. A believer in the ways of old. Reader of the rune stones. Lover of Odin's wisdom. Warrior of the thunder bolt. Rebel against the corruption of outside influences. Skeptic of foreign religions. Raider of blaspemous temples of the serpent. protector of the realm of miguard. Servant of all that is right. Guardian of the light.

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Valkyrie, carry me to your paradise.

Valkyrie, save my life.

Valkyrie, i am in your debt.

Valkyrie, by your grace I am chosen.

Valkyrie, in your love I am stolen.

Valkyrie, without you this battle feels meaningless.

Valkyrie, without you I feel  completely hopeless.



Carry me to Valhalla, oh valkyrie,

so that I can mend these wounds.

Take me away my lover to your bed

so that I be can fresh for the battle that lies ahead.





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The last men;

protectors of the earth,

spartans against the beast;

against the mongolian eastern horde


Servants of Asguard

warriors of the light;

Thors might;

say goodnight!!!!!

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Hear my Thunder!!!

Thunder god's protection,

slaying of the dragon

eating of the demon,

meads drinking,

pissing on your feelings!!!!


Ragnarok's overcoming,

loki's undoing,

empires fall,

new reign of the gods!!!!!





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Frost Giants of Niflheim

Frozen under the ice for aeons. The never ending winter chill keeps them trapt.  So much energy untapped waiting to be unleashed. So much hatred for those who put them here. 

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The Mask of Loki

Pointless desires

lead to a stagnant



Denied entry 

into the gates of Vahalla,


Thrown from the Bifrost bridge

into the abyss


Revenge inspired over just a kiss


Carry this weight of disrespect,


So much to prove to yourself,

always plotting the comeback performance


Never accepted,

always wearing masks to fit in


But finally taking them off to show them

who you really are underneath:


A dark star,

and sucking them right into your vortex

you finally let them feel all the pain and suffering

you have always felt;


A hollow heart,

throwing their lies right back at them,

and sucking the life right out of them

you finally gain the power you have always

craved by taking

what has always been denied to you. 










Author's Notes/Comments: 

Hail satan bitches.

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