We Have Returned

We rose from our icy crypts,

encased for thousands of years

in dreamless sleep,

awaiting the alining of the orbs,

so that we could once again

walk the earth as kings and queens,


Ancestral rulers, which became myth,

damned to obscurity for so long;

the cold grave took its tole on our minds,

not sparing us the rot of time,


In that limbo of forever,

a perpetual fall of snow,

having not seen the sun

since we last closed our eyes

to that hell below


Finally, we can rest 

awake to the light,

which has been revealed through

the cracks in 

our cells


Finally, we can go where we wish,

free from the bonds of the afterlife,

which turned out to be no life

at all!!!





Author's Notes/Comments: 

The Frost giants sleep below the earth awaiting their resurrection in Ragnarok.

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Liked this one a lot 

Liked this one a lot