The Mask of Loki

Pointless desires

lead to a stagnant



Denied entry 

into the gates of Vahalla,


Thrown from the Bifrost bridge

into the abyss


Revenge inspired over just a kiss


Carry this weight of disrespect,


So much to prove to yourself,

always plotting the comeback performance


Never accepted,

always wearing masks to fit in


But finally taking them off to show them

who you really are underneath:


A dark star,

and sucking them right into your vortex

you finally let them feel all the pain and suffering

you have always felt;


A hollow heart,

throwing their lies right back at them,

and sucking the life right out of them

you finally gain the power you have always

craved by taking

what has always been denied to you. 










Author's Notes/Comments: 

Hail satan bitches.

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