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Lost at Sea

The ocean is vast

but we are determined

to know what lies beyond


A desire to expand our reach;

we are uncontent with just sitting 

around all day drinking mead,


Loading up our longships,

we row out into the unknown,

alone; prey for beasts


Tempestuous storms

from Odin himself

bring us closer to death


In their Waning mental health;

the men become restless

with no land in sight


The sun beats down

on our faces, causing irritation;

each day seems to fade into the next


Journing farther and farther

west, we begin to question 

if we will ever reach our destination?


Far past the point of no return,

we are committed to the insanity,



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give me strength,


give me wisdom,


help me to overcome

the lies of Loki,


show me the meaning

of the runes


help me to rise out of this tomb!!!


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Slaying Jormungandr: The Serpent


Unleash your inner viking warrior;

hail the old gods,

hail Odin !!!


You cannot suppress the spirit of the north forever,

you will never be able to completely force us to submit to your oriental tyranny 


Because, We are free men: Vikings,

and we cross these open seas of destiny with valour


With Thor leading our army,

we will once again reign supreme


And at the end of ragnarok the great serpent: Jormungandr

will be defeated by our lord and savior


And the world will once again be at peace









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Naming Conventions

I named my new guitar




After the Norse 

God of Inspiration.


When he died

His blood was drained

And mixed with honey,

Fermented to make a mead

That caused any who drank it

To speak only wisdom and poetry.


A fitting name

For the perfect dance partner,

The one who's singing

Accompanies mine,

Responds perfectly

To my touch.


After all


Once you have danced 

With the God of Inspiration

You will never want for 

Any other partner.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Thought it a very apt name.