He realized after she was gone

something he hadn’t thought before.

How he should have spent more time with her

he should have said I love you more.


He should have cherished every moment with her

every second of every day…

He should have remembered things we take for granted…

can also be taken away.


And now he’s left to wonder

to his sorrow and chagrin

as he looks back on their time together


and he thinks…what might have been.

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A Simple Regret

All and nothing

All I knew was the smile,

The link between us,

The blink that drew us,

Never was there

Ever anymore,

The smile was all I knew.

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Try Again

My Ex-Jellybean

All your dirty water is sinking my boat.
I'm honestly surprised I'm still afloat.
This is complete nonsense. I don't
Want to be the guy who you know
Wants to be more than a friend,
But you treat him like a boyfriend
And say he's your best friend.
I just want all of it to end.
You make me feel like a fool,
Nothing to you but a common tool.
You used to be my queen, you ruled 
Over my heart. You were the wool
That kept the sheep warm. I
Was the sheep. Now I despise
What we've become. I've cried
Over you, I seriously might die
Over you. You were everything
To me. You ended my misery,
And even through our fighting
I still want you. You were my Tree
Of Life, and I made sure you stayed
Alive. I watered you, I paid 
Attention to make sure I made 
You happy. I'd have laid 
Out my final coat
That I'll ever own 
To make sure you won't
Walk in a puddle. I don't 
Believe that we're meant for 
This. I wanted more
For us. You shut that door,
I wanted to explore
The bad and assess
The damage. I obsessed 
Over it. I'll confess
That you're not my princess
Anymore, but I'll never
Get over it. Forever 
I'll have your memory. Sever 
Our ties? I'll keep the thoughts hidden clever.
You'll never steal
What I thought was real,
Even though you broke the steel
That bonded us, I still feel 
Like there's a little bit of hope.
I honestly can't cope
With the fact we can't elope
Together. Let's start with a new rope
And begin tying together another chance,
I know you hate these rants
But it's all I have to keep my pants
From slipping away. I was France, 
And you were the ruler. Not really,
I was just a fool.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I just want help making this better. 

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Rough Draft play on words

Abuse them and use them to manipulate and motivate

but look at me i’m coming with no estate

words are all that i have so i wont inflate

how i feel on the real not here to steal what i lost.

but just a date is all i want all i wanted to navigate from this state

im stuck baby no license plate

i dont belong not my fate

so please dont send me in a crate along the interstate

you know i am so delicAte, this aint no watergate

im just here to push you higher just levitate

i will clean my shit, wont hesitate, rejuvinate

im not saying reciprocate

but let me demonstrate

that we can originate

mistakes wont replicate

you say you hate me, try and assasinate

you should know our love will never dissapate

im not saying this for the reputate

but i wish we would never seperate

im scared of when we graduate

so is it too late to tell you that my shit is straight?

with us, we fluctuate

Any chance you’re still my soul mate


if you are, how bout that date?

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A hole so deep it can't be filled.

A pit so black it scares you off. 

It holds all the answers, your secrets and feelings,

But one thing is sure, those things will never come up.


Trails created down to the bottom

Created by tears of the chosen mistakes.

The flesh and life have slowly faded

Leaving nothing but traces of death in its place.


Once it was great, full of passion and promise.

Bringing joy to those who came near.

The energy was high

Love was close by

And a willingness to transform was there.


The dreams, the hopes, the passions you felt

Were lost when disturbed by a whirlwind of force

That promised all air as fresh as could be

Which would ignite and strengthen you towards...


Being strong in power together


Being as happy as happy could be


Living life as it should


Giving all that you could


Creating a grand ol' masterpiece.


Now this hole so deep it yearns

To be what it once used to be. 

But now it's a pit... Without life... Without shit!!!!