*Noway Out*


Trisha M. Barrek-Hopkins 

I stand on the top of the bridge 
Unrecognize the dark valley below 
I look far in the distance i see the ridge 
The place that i crave and need to go 

As i start into the valley of the unknowing 
One i know that many have traveled before 
By the same path as i follow now in the showing 
And i pass the bodies left behind 
Ones so unrecognizable you can ignore 
And the spirits i may find 
All this horror in my mind i can not help but to store 
The doing to these bodies is something below kind 

I see the evidence of the battles 
And know of the markings 
That have become of those before me 
And now i see the leftover of death 
Wondering if any of us will get free 


Above me the light of promise 
To reach the ridge of destiny 
Will mean for internal happiness 
And life with no end 


It is were my spirit ends 
Giving my soul away 
My life to god i send 
Something different people say 
But it has come to me 
To this day 
I set my heart free 


As i walk with no power to run 
The branches are against me 
And all of the darkness of hell 
Never knowing when ill see the sun 
They reach for me and i must resist 
The fear i have no one i can tell 
No person is pissed


As i reach the foot of the hill 
That i must reach i find no path but down 
No understanding from those people 
To the point that i have reached 
I give up tring 
I tried to preach 
But my only way is to go on dying 



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