#poetry prompt 27

Take Off

Take off to the Great White North

that fun song just springs forth

though I'd rather go somewhere warmer

not that I'm knocking the former

it was a fun song for sure

getting it out of my head....no cure

sometimes tunes get stuck in your head

ok then enough has been said



Author's Notes/Comments: 

2016 April PAD Challenge: Day 27

By: Robert Lee Brewer | April 27, 2016

For today’s prompt, write a take off poem. Take off work for you admin assistants out there (and any other workers). Take off a runway–for those of you who like to fly. Take off from a dangerous or weird situation–or maybe even a comfortable one. Or maybe you have a completely different take off of a “take off” poem. Go on and take off on your poetic paths.

Pam Schwetz #aprpad #NaPoMo #poetry prompt 27 #pamschwetz

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A Real Mindblower

I used to fly in dreams a lot

not so much anymore

I'd be running and jumping up

then my feet would be off the floor

never got to tree top height

always flew much lower

just the fact that I could fly

was a real mindblower

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WPOM #NaPoMo #poetry prompt 27

write a poem as if you were flying