Horny Toad

Sometimes I'm a horny toad

I don't know what happens

Snuggle up and hold me close

there won't be no nappin'

Stop it now I'm laughin'

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Lord knows where this stuff comes from sometimes...hard to admit those types of feelings when they happen so I gotta play it off and laugh about it...it can happen to the best of us...no one is exempt whether they admit it or not....ha ha

Dead End Daze

Are you in a dead end daze

can't see clearly through the haze

feeling stuck in delays

options seem to just replay

seem to waste your life away

tending to procrastinate

best start somewhere anyway

before your mind starts to stray

if it is already gone

then it's time to just move on



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016 April PAD Challenge: Day 30

By: Robert Lee Brewer | April 30, 2016

Yesterday, the blog seemed to take the haphazard prompt a little too seriously–as some people were able to access the blog while others were not. Our tech team was working on the very unorganized problem and hopefully have a solution, or else the final prompt of the month will live up to its name as well.

For today’s prompt, write a dead end poem. Of course, I was thinking in terms of the challenge, but a dead end can literally mean the end of a person’s life, a dead end road, a dead end job, dead end mortgage, and so on. Take the phrase “dead end” and apply it to a noun, and the possibilities are nearly endless (except, well, there’s the whole “dead end” finality to it, I suppose). I hope it’s fun and that the blog is alive and well today. #aprpad #NaPoMo #poetry prompt 30, #pamschwetz

Speaking of Haphazard

Well, speaking of haphazard

couldn't reach your site

was getting really frazzled

not knowing what to write

I finally asked a poet friend

if she could kindly send

the poetry prompt for today

so got it in a roundabout way

haphazardly from me to you

what is this poet to do


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#aprpad #NaPoMo #poetry prompt 29

For today’s prompt, write a haphazard poem. The poem itself could be haphazardly put together, I suppose. But it could also be about a haphazard situation. Or whatever haphazard thing you can bend the poem into.

Honestly this happened today what I wrote about in the poem....talk about true to life....gee

I Don't Know What Tom Waits Would Do

I don't know what Tom Waits would do

Can't say I really care

as for inner darkness

I can't find any there




Author's Notes/Comments: 

Pam Schwetz 4/29/16

WPOM NaPoMo Poetry Prompt 29

change your inner darkness

write as Tom Waits would do? 

(outside the box)

Important Business

Important business sharing my thoughts

whether or not they are bought

just getting them out there is enough

to give them a chance to do their stuff



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2016 April PAD Challenge: Day 28

By: Robert Lee Brewer | April 28, 2016 | Comments 129

For today’s prompt, take the phrase “Important (blank),” replace the blank with a word or phrase, make the new phrase the title of your poem, and then, write the poem. Possible titles could include: “Important Documents,” “Important: Read Before Assembling,” “Important People,” and so on. I hope everyone finds something important to write about...

Take Off

Take off to the Great White North

that fun song just springs forth

though I'd rather go somewhere warmer

not that I'm knocking the former

it was a fun song for sure

getting it out of my head....no cure

sometimes tunes get stuck in your head

ok then enough has been said



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2016 April PAD Challenge: Day 27

By: Robert Lee Brewer | April 27, 2016

For today’s prompt, write a take off poem. Take off work for you admin assistants out there (and any other workers). Take off a runway–for those of you who like to fly. Take off from a dangerous or weird situation–or maybe even a comfortable one. Or maybe you have a completely different take off of a “take off” poem. Go on and take off on your poetic paths.

Pam Schwetz #aprpad #NaPoMo #poetry prompt 27 #pamschwetz

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A Real Mindblower

I used to fly in dreams a lot

not so much anymore

I'd be running and jumping up

then my feet would be off the floor

never got to tree top height

always flew much lower

just the fact that I could fly

was a real mindblower

Author's Notes/Comments: 

WPOM #NaPoMo #poetry prompt 27

write a poem as if you were flying

Let's Get On With This Show

Just found out I had a twin

don't know where to begin

we've gotta meet and catch up

can't be too soon enough

where can we meet and when

sending my contact information

did you have any clue

I can't believe it...can you

this info is legit

I'm not just sayin this

hope this message gets through

cuz it really is true

can't wait to meet you

I never imagined

I might have a twin

now that I know

let's get on with this show

Author's Notes/Comments: 

WPOM NaPoMo Poetry Prompt 26

if you were separated at birth from your twin and they ended up being a huge movie  or music star what would you write to them

I Exercise

I exercise my mind the most

you can tell by the poems I post

Author's Notes/Comments: 

016 April PAD Challenge: Day 25

By: Robert Lee Brewer | April 25, 2016

For today’s prompt, write an exercise poem. The poem could be about a specific exercise, or it could just incorporate exercising into the poem. Or it could be dedicated to a piece of exercise equipment–so an ode to an elliptical machine or those hand grippers or something. Of course, not every exercise is physical; there are military exercises, mental exercises, and so on. #aprpad #NaPoMo #pamschwetz #poetry prompt 25

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