I can see the child in her,

I can see swingsets where,

Tiny feet dangle,

The cold air nipping at her legs,

She turns puddles playful,

As she splish splashes them all over the sidewalk,

Her rainboots comets,

Smacking down those tiny oceans,

Spilling sea shells into my hand,

She smiles sweet like candy canes,

She laughs lovely like lavender,

Without her a walk is just a walk,

I don't see the cinnamon square streets,

Or the gingerbread houses,

The dandelions don't smile back,

The trampolines and diving boards,

Are just mattresses left out for trash,

I've checked between the couch cushions,

Under the carpet which surely takes flight,

No fairy dust.

No propeller.

Just her,

Those story- telling eyes,

Whichever potion she applied to her neck,

It's always her,

And whatever magic she was born with,

The magic I felt when we first met,

Beating those drums in my chest,

Singing me smitten the first night,

She is a symphony,

 Ringing in my ears,

She is a dance party,

blistering my feet,

She's a magician,

I don't go a day without her spell,






Isn't it incredible,

How all of us,

Can, on occasion, come together,

And unconditionally accept each other,

It's in those brief, unbelievable moments,

Where I find the most joy in life,


We are in a room full of smoke and smiling faces,

Do you remember that?

I'm sitting on this unfortunate fouton with you,

In between burn holes and blunt wrappers,

I watch smoke wrap around and out your lips,

"I could love her", I think,

And then I watch you laugh,

and smile,


He is telling his stories again,

We are almost circled around him clenching with,

Anticipation of the next,

Twist or triumph,

When he sees me he knows I'm different,

But the same,

Who is this person attending his show?

The one who is hiding something,

Wants to forget something,

I am a curious visitor,

A tourist,

You're funny,

I need to laugh,

Who better than to listen to your story,







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Sides of The Coin


The battle before us

The Left and the Right

Calling to everyone,

“Join in the fight”


Calling, demanding:

“Which side are you on”

The Left or the Right

Not the right or the wrong


Dividing while fighting

Nere missing a day

Not doing, nor proving

They mean what they say


A dog and a pony

Make up their whole show

Crafted to hide

Where they want us to go


Crafted to hide

Who is really behind

All that we’re seeing

And someday we’ll find


That the Left and the Right

Who call all men to join

Are nothing but opposite

Sides of the coin




I've lived a pretty

sheltered life so far.


So I have gotten used

to not going out,

or going places with friends.



So now, I'm in a dilema...


I don't know how

to get out there,

to be outgoing,

and get noticed.



I don't know where

all the hot spots are.


I don't know how to ask

my mother to let me go out.



I don't know how to dance.

I don't know how to dress sexy.

I don't know how to flirt real well.


I don't fit in when I go out.



I want to have a boyfriend,

I want to be loved.


I want someone to want me.

I want someone to know.



Oh, I want someone to know,

the feelings that are trapped inside of me,

trying to get out.



I don't know how to let go,

to have fun!


Nor, where to go to

have fun!



I've lead a pretty

sheltered life so far,


but I want to break out of that shell,

get out from under that shelter!


Become more outgoing!

Have Fun!


I've lead a sheltered life,

but now I want to be free!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Not done quite yet!


I have truly lead a pretty sheltered life, and when i'm in a big group of people, I never know what to do. I want to be able to go out and about... to drink, party, and get a boyfriend! I want to learn how to dance sexy, to dance!, to be attractive...


None of these things are stuff that I was ever able to learn. I want to learn them, as I'm now a senior in high school, and next year i'll be in college! I spend most of my time studying... but I need to know how to get out there, to be able to let myself go, to learn how to have fun in parties or whatever!! Please help me!!


Love any comments!

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