National Poetry Month

Missed Communication

We all hear what we wanna hear

instead of what is said

so missed communication's clear

It's all inside our heads

Author's Notes/Comments: 

WPOM day 10 poetry prompt for National Poetry Month...write about a missed communication...

The Concept of Love

The concept of love

is sent from above

just follow the golden rule

Love thy neighbor as thyself

then nobody will be blue

Unconditional love from a dog

just cannot be beat

If you're lucky enough to have a dog

you're in for a special treat

There's nothing like unconditional love

offered freely by a dog

just make sure you love them enough

to reciprocate love they deserve

Don't take anything for granted

and you'll always be enchanted

Author's Notes/Comments: 

WPOM National Poetry Month poetry prompt day 6 If you knew that a poem of yours would be found far in the future by another race,how would you describe the concept of love?


Who You Are

Music does a lot of things

can take you back in time

Sometimes knowledge that it brings

can make you lose your mind

For example if you think

you are not who you are

you just may have crossed the brink

make sure it's not a bar

you know the kind where you drink

can make you stray afar

I don't think you'd remember

you're someone that you're not

unless you are a member

of a group that drinks a lot

People may change over time

but they're still who they are

at least in my case sure that I'm

who I am so far...




Author's Notes/Comments: 

weird poetry prompt least I thought so... WPOM poetry prompt day 5 What if music made you remember you are somebody other than who you are?

Pushing Buttons

Pushing buttons maybe fun

when you understand

it should not be overdone

May get out of hand


One can only take so much

til they overload

Better ease up on the clutch

Look out They'll explode

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Pushing Buttons was written on day 4 of National Poetry Month...thinking of how some people just know how to push your buttons and you may try to take it in stride but eventually one day out of nowhere you just explode cuz you can't hold it all in anymore...speaking from experience here...

That Time of Year Again

It's that time of year again

the day that Bobby died

It's too hard to pretend

when eyes are open wide

Guess I;ll have to contend

with tears filling my eyes

Best not to hold it all in

God knows that I've tried

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Can't believe he has been gone five years now...time flies by so fast but memories last.

My Poetry

I'm fearless with my poetry

write off the top of my head

It's funny how it comes to me

needing to be read


It's automatic writing

not sure where it will go

and yet it's so inviting

It's natural you know

Author's Notes/Comments: 

another poem for National Poetry Month when I wrote it for the last line of the first stanza I wrote needing to be read/said cuz either word could work there and I wasn't sure which I liked better but read came before said so I stuck with that option but I like it either way...

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It's no joke

when you smell smoke

find out where it's coming from

and run man run


smoke can make you choke

smoke can make you croak

your eyes may burn and start to tear

smoke is something you should fear


it's no joke

when you smell smoke

just like a smoking gun

it can kill someone


Author's Notes/Comments: 

WPOM Poetry Prompt day 3 Write a poem about smoke

A Truly Magical Night

I'd have to say the sunset

just makes me catch my breath

watching waves that meet the shore

just keep coming back for more

but I'll not forget the night

that the stars shone so bright

saw every constellation

an awesome celebration

they looked so close

so big and bold

a harvest moon rose from the ground

the thought of it truly astounds

thank God I can see it in my mind's eye

I never will forget that night

 in a field in Arkansas

no street lights to hide the awe

What a truly magical night

The thought of it brings great delight

Author's Notes/Comments: 

National Poetry Month WPOM poetry prompt day 2...What is the most beautiful thing you have ever seen?

At first I thought of sunsets...I always love those especially at the beach watching the waves so relaxing...but then I thought of a special night that brought great delight so I just had to write...

The Slapstick Stuff

I need to learn to laugh again

so much is too absurd

I need to just remember when

I filtered what I heard

The slapstick stuff

was quite enough

to make me laugh out loud

should not be tough

to watch some fluff

I think that is allowed


Author's Notes/Comments: 

It is day two of National Poetry Month 2019 and this poem came to me thinking of how much more I used to laugh and how I need to get back to that. Laughter is the best medicine after all.