My Dearest Grandpa

My Dearest Grandpa (Walked, Road, Heaven)

Do you remember when I was a child
how I had always looked up to you?
You were the only father figure in my life
every day, felt so brand new.

You used to tell me stories, grandpa
about how you used to work on the railroad,
you also worked at the fish plant
your stories had to be told.

"Tell me another story grandpa"
I would always used to say,
you talked about being the head gardener
at the Algonquin Hotel, every single day.

You worked extremely hard grandpa
with every day of your life,
even being the night watchman at the Hotel
where every evening, you would call your wife.

Remember how we had walked
uptown to the ice cream store,
we always had grandma with us
she enjoyed every minute of it, for sure.

Grandpa, I enjoyed every minute
we had spent together,
you found ways to cheer me up
when I was under the weather.

Going from hole to hole, on the golf course
being on the wharf, fishing with you,
walking along the beach, during the Summer
there was always something to do.

You taught me how to draw
skip rocks along the water,
I know you loved me dearly
you did everything with me, your granddaughter.

I enjoyed our times together, grandpa
listened, as you played on your accordion,
walking around outside in the yard
picking roses, every now and then.

I miss you every day, grandpa
not a day goes by, that I don't think of you,
yesterday, would have been your eighty-seventh birthday
grandma, misses you with her heart too.

I hope Heaven is treating you nicely
my sadness, continues to grow,
missing you dearly, every day
it's taken a long time to write something, you know.

You are now with your daughter, my Mom
you have had an interesting life,
down the road, you've walked your journey
missing you dearly, is my strife.

Copyright © Cynthia Jones

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My grandfather passed away Jan.10/2011. I miss him dearly. He was the only father figure I had in my life and I looked up to him. It took me this long to finally sit down to write this. I still cry, every time I read this poem. I miss and love you grandpa (Bampa).