Simply put she is my baby

and my baby she always will be

I’ve known that from the moment

she grew inside of me


But life has a way of moving

how quickly the changing zephyrs whirl

where once crawled my little baby

now stands my little girl.


“She’s your little girl!”, says my mind

As it tries desperately this knowledge to impart..

But I’m not always listening

“She’s still your baby!”, says my heart.


And at every stage in her life

my mind and heart shall disagree…

Young woman, woman, mother

She’s still my baby to me.


And I imagine this is to be my destiny

the way it always will be…

that she will remain my baby


even when she’s 93.

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Her dream had just been shattered…she thought her life was through…

she ran to her mother crying…unsure what she should do.


Her mother welcomed her into her arms…she knew what she would say.

She’d say whatever happens in life…do not put your dreams away.


She’d say sometimes dreams are broken…as life thunders along

but your heart is reparable…it is resolute and pure…and strong.


She’d say yes this one dream’s broken…but this I know is true…

You are still a dreamer….and the next dream begins with you….


She’d say though it is very sad…this latest dream is gone

you will soon create another dream and your heart will lead you on…


She’d say I will be here to hold you…when any dream of yours comes true…

and if any dream should fail…I’ll be here to hold you too….


Yes, she was ready with the answers…she knew just what to say…

but that was for another moment…another time…another day…


For in this moment she said nothing…there’s a simple reason why…


a mother knows that sometimes…a daughter needs to cry.

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One day her daughter ran to her…her face was filled with tears.

She held her close not knowing…if it was sadness…pain…or fear.


One day she didn’t ask what had caused her tears to stir…

Instead she softly sang a song…a song her mother sang to her.


One day her daughter heard that song …and while nestled in her mother’s arms

felt free from sadness, free from fear…free from suffering and harm.


One day she will remember the song that made her heartache go away.

And she will sing it to her daughter…

when she runs to her…


one day

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