moments in life

If Life Were a Re-writeable DVD

If life were a Re-writeable-DVD, rewind your life, but not to re-write a new story but to replay your life again, to re live every moment of your life, every mistake you made, every choice you regret, every time of sorrow, every accomplishment, every failure, because thanks to those single seconds of your life you are the person you are today, so unique so perfect in your own little way. Be grateful and enjoy every moment you spent with your loved one, you closest friends and family, every great achievement, everything you worked hard for and received, but also appreciate every moment you missed your loved one, your friends and family, every mistake that changed the path of your future, every loss, every bit of pain inflicted on your life thanks to work, school, past relationships, ended friendships, for these are the moments that made you stronger, smarter and the person you are today, as a perfect human being in each and every one of you, in your own little way.

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