Man's priorities

Man's Three Priorities (Procreate, Protect, Provide)

Why and what order does man exist on earth?
First to procreate and promote birth,
For little more than plant his seeds,
Reflects a man's desires and needs,
Countless seeds to plant each day,
While women bear with much delay.


Man's procreation he Protects
His wife and children must respect,
That in his failure to provide,
Protecting them he must abide
Mental, physical, fiscal well-being,
all these things man is foreseeing.


Once his family is secure,
Providing now he must endure,

Provisions bring great happiness,
his protected procreation blessed,
But if not safe, or if not born,
He can't provide, but only mourn.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

something I learned on the Dennis Prager show (w/ Alison Armstrong)

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