love's patience.

The ones who win

I have found that there is no power greater than the power of love,
even when other powers seem more prominent, it is only because they use force, and have no sense of patience or respect of free will.
I have found that love will win over intellect. When it comes your way, it will redirect any direction you thought you must go.
What is destiny and fate compared to the essence of pure love?
If you have pure love, but your direction is guided by the ego,
If someone humble comes along offering nothing but love, they win.
Even when you had more to bring to the plate.
There is no power greater than love,
and those who do not drown out the voice of love with intellect and reason,
they are the ones who win.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

If everything else is wiped away,
love always remains.


Soul mates

Keep on testing till it's true
keep on worming your way through
keep on trying to erase my love for you
I will keep my vision of you
perfect and healed in my mind's eye
reconsiled and held to
beauty beyond compare
and I know when spent
and doubt is scarce
you will tap upon my window frame
and I will let you in again.
For an open door is always
too obvious and
a daunting thing
and here I am
true to my word
i will keep respect
for your beauty
heart and soul.
test me,
I refuse
to fail.

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