Your heart Is black

My heart screams with sadness

It breaks with every little beat

That it makes supressed by the happiness to keep me alive



It slows my pain down as i try to be happy 

Life for me has been nothing but a day to day battle 

That i fight for my life 


I open my eyes and try to breath even though

i want my heart to stop dead in its tracks

as i lay here alone i try to wonder why shall i feel

so sad so dead i came to this conclusion


Your heart is lacking of love you dont care about me

its dark and cold your love has no

love at all just pure emptyness


i feel the pain that suffocates your heart

the chains that  bind every inch of it

your sould is so dark and cold

your latest victum will be a pure heart


that is longing for that love

you pretend to be the answer

but later they realize there just lost

in your twind of what they think is a love


It's way to late to save there heart

there in to deep they finally realize at the last minute

 they realize that your heart is black 

a deep dark place to run from your sucked in to deep 


Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is for anyone who has gotten in to a bad realationship that it is a warning to get while you can and save your heart before it is damaged so be careful who u fall for cause the next guy or girl could be his or her next victum