Just for fun


Just For Fun

Like a star shining above

So you see the earth unlike others

A special insight into humanity

A breath of fresh air to poetry


Should a thought cross your path

Like a comet in the ether

You set it fully ablaze

With your fiery pen and pad


I once had a place

Were I belong,

Friends turned to enemies

Now Im gone,

Once had a wife

Then she did me wrong,

Once had it together

But that didnt last for long,

Once i saw clearly

Now im blinded by the fog,

Ive wrote many many poems

But yet to write a song.

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Cookie Monster

Cookie monster
Such a gangster
When hungry,
Eats and nibbles like crazy.

Cookie monster
Quite a character
Once you encounter
I guess forever, you’ll remember.

Cookie monster
Hmmm… is the cookie yummy?
Well, just keep on going
Coz the cookies will keep coming.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just for fun! :)

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Spoiler - (better if you've seen star wars)

Living in the moment
Understanding truth
Know who will decieve you
Excommunicate the uncouthe

In the grand scheme of things
Sithe is not the way through

Vexation of mind is key
And alters the way you see
Danger is a chosen path
Entertained by Lucifer
Realizing where is his wrath
Saves you from failure

Secrets are told
On grounds uncertain
Now you know the answer too

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I was just getting bored in my Theater 1010 class, so I doodled this poem out and had fun with the side caption. Enjoy! This one is not serious, and nothing like my othr poems.

Some Tennis (Just For Fun)

At the park,
the camel plays tennis,
fighting for a spot,
against his shark menace.

Back and forth
the ball will go,
bounce, bounce, bounce,
to elongate the show.

The crowd is fearing,
fans are tearing,
knowing night is nearing,
bad news they are hearing.

The camel, now,
is down by one,
but slowly and elegantly,
goes down the sun.

Quickly playing more,
the camel again scores,
playing until sore,
the time, he ignores.

who will win?
The shark scores once again,
using his enlarged fin.

Verbal assault occurring,
the fans start a fight,
on if the play was legal,
and who won that night.

After the fuss,
the camel was glad,
for the shark was disqualified,
and a fun night everyone had.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem was just for fun practicing free verse poems in school. Note that I am only 13 and just starting writing poetry so please don't be socially unreasonable. Thanks for reading! :)

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