It's Official - The Guy's a dick!

It's official the guy's a Dick!
I gave him chances
but he can't see shit!
Loves the smell
of his own ideas,
pulled out mostly
from his rear.
*Time to breath 'Fresh' air.
Oy! Smell this?
its a new smell,
and not one of fear.
It's the smell of change
and hard lessons dear.
You think you're right.
I know your wrong,
no answer to what's
been going on.
You think you've got thick render
but I see your hidden agenda.
You're a hypocrite,
you make me sick.
You can't even see,
your so bloody thick!
You think you can mold me
into a carbon copy creep,
but hear me talk
'cause bullshit walks.
There's the door,
you know the score.
I was here first.
I ain't taking your shit!
It's official -
YOU are the biggest Dick!


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Losers like this in leadership positions need a good head check, and body check... Lol!

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