Honesty Hour

It's honesty hour, as I lay down my deepest thoughts on this paper, making the phrases rhyme.
But before I go too far, I'd like to take this moment to apologize..
Because even though you loving me was not a crime,
Foolish of me, I'm still guilty of making a good girl cry.

Though my actions spoke different, I never meant to hurt you,
And if there was a way for me to undo some things, I would.
This apology is long overdue, I know. You hate me now, that's cool. I messed up, that's true. I broke your heart, and this I can't fix with glue.
You deserve better than me, but that's old news, so I guess this is where I say goodbye for good.

As I sit here now, repenting my actions, asking for forgiveness,
I can't help but wonder how my nights you spent alone crying in your bedroom.
Damn, I put you through so much shit but girl you know you deserve the best, nothing less..
And I can already picture you in the future standing at the altar one day, making a lucky man a very happy groom.

I'm so sorry.

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