*Hawk Mountain*


Trisha M. Barrek  Hopkins

Flying way high above the mountain 
With his wings spread out so wide 
The hawk spots his pray by the spring fountain 
The pray spots the shadow and scurries to hide 

So free so peaceful in the sky 
To fly as they please 
I wish i could feel as free 
A freedom of its own in the clouds so high 
i wish through his eyes i could see 
A gorgeous sight he could of shown 
It must seem cool to live where he may be 

Hawk Mountain there is almost no worry 
For they are so far up so close to heaven 
If people don't stop hunting they will be gone in a hurry 
And their beauty will be stored only in a book 
Because people are too selfish 
The elegance The peacefulness the hunters stole they took 
Hunters do not care they just want to rich 


Banish the hatred Banish the greedy 
Lock them up and throw the key away 
Let the hawks soar free 
And not have to worry for another day 



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Shallow Shore


Lost at sea while everyone enjoys the shallow shore.

Don't judge a fish from the hawks perspective.



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