the one commonly referred to as 'god'





you say you love your god

but you murder him every day

you rape him 


you tear the fingernails off

his loving hands

one by one, like lashes to your own back


and you 'know not what you do'


and destroy what has been given

so freely, and so lovingly

with your blame


you say he lives

his spirit is alive

you say he was a man


like yourself and your brother

a man that walked this earth

making footprints in the sand


and then you glorify his very death

over and over and over again

for the sake of your own unaccountability


do you also remember others 

passed on 

in this way?


i love you

and sometimes love is painful

but love goes on


jesus died and for me

he rests in the same peace he 

walked upon this earth


and his love

lives on in us all

love lives on


and on

and on

and on


my god is love

and i...love you

and that is how i share my god





4:18 PM 7/5/2013






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