It ill behooves a horse

It ill behoves a hive,

To be without a bee;

But it ill behooves a horse,


To shoe his hoof and flee.

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Is there something wrong with me? 2015

Is there something wrong with me?             2015


i wonder why i feel the need to flee

so i ask myself is there something wrong with me

as i look out into the crowd i start to shake

seeing all those strangers i wonder what it will take

so i search for the nearest exit and make my escape

by the time i get out side i need rewind the tape

i must be defective in every sence of the word

it happens when i see men i think its absurd

i never used to be like this i say with conviction

everyday i feel fear and intimadation

i dont think this will ever go away

i try to change this fear every day

but all i do is cower and run and hide

i feel like the ocean going with the tide

most men scare me from my head to my toe

a few men are kind and never cause me woes

they treat me with respect and a smile that is real

that is something a man never made me feal

some even hold the door open for me now

it's something that makes me think oh wow

it sometimes catches me a little of guard

when they dont haul of and hit me really hard

sometimes i smile at this really new feeling

then i remember not all men are hurtfull and dealing

and im in aawww if this really new concept i see

so often i say is there something wrong with me?



zoeycup16 !!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this poem comes from with-in myself, because i have agoraphobia and have a hard time in the community and have to go out with some one to actually go out and i am working on this problem and this poem is something i felt the need to write i hope you like it!!!!!!

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