Hot Dogs

The simplicity of a hot dog:

the dog,

the bun,

the mustard,

the kraut


Simple ingredients,

create the perfect bite,


No need for knife and fork,


Just stuff it in your mouth

and appreciate it

for what it is


A fine piece of german

engineered delicousness.

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My Favorite Foods

I can eat my favorite breakfast alone...

eggs cooked the way I’ve loved them all my life...

but breakfast always tastes a little better

when I eat...next to my wife.


I can eat my favorite lunch alone...

A Philly Cheesesteak that never ends...

but lunch always tastes a little better

when I’m eating it...with friends.


I can eat my favorite dinner alone...

A steak and potato cooked just for me...

but dinner always tastes a little better

when I eat...with my family.


I can eat cake on my birthday alone...

I can sing happy birthday...sing my name...

but without people gathered ‘round me

that cake wouldn’t taste the same.


Yes, I can eat food by myself

and I know that I will thrive

but when I eat with friends and family

I know that I’m alive.


I once thought my taste buds decided my favorite foods

but perhaps that’s just a myth...

Perhaps what makes them my favorite foods....


is who I eat them with.

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