Running in Red, the dead said something in my head,
the dread bled lead into my being. What am I seeing? Fleeting feelings revealing, rarely repeating, can’t let them defeat me.

Rewiring through time, describing a Fire in rhyme, 
that one in my spine,
it’s a Seussian crime, & I swear, I’m fine, 
nothing wrong with tryin’ out flyin’ away from the well, 
a human hell that cast its spell,
                       to Come Hither and Wither in the Nether,
                       be torn & tethered by its weather
                       be leathered & burnt 
                       by its current,

& if it weren’t for the Hedonist’s Hedge that marked the Edge,
                                             the wedge in my reality, 
I would’ve gone in.

Instead I pledged my pursuits to the flute
her feathered fruits help me refute the polluted mutes from back
There [Ether].

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Spiraling out into a dark direction ~ Carmello Yello


Thank you for your time!

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Elderberry, Banana Bandana

Flowers Sunspun


The parson asked
Elder Barrie
to take charge
of the
200 yr old church cemetery
where the elders
were buried
..he knew their
spirits were not there
and let the land
return to elderberries



In a sea of ananda
did God make
greenleaf bandanas
for each bunch of

and thus stitched


(ananda: over 20,000 year old
Sanskrit word for joy, ecstasy,

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