"the poem I could not name"

It is funny how time stands still,
In the dead of night I hear you still.
You wisper my name,
And my eyes fill with tears, as I relive the pain.
I think about everyday your not here,
Is another day life don't seem real.
Do you hear me when I pour my heart out to you?
Do you have any idea how much I still miss you?
I don't understand how life goes on but there is still a part of my life that is still stuck in the past,
Back when life was so much easier, and when ever we has togeather we always had a blast.
But now I am stuck down here and your up there,
Life is so cruel and unfair.
You get to see my baby everyday,
The baby I have not seen since the day he went away.
Don't get me wrong Brandi I am glad you are there to take care of him,
But know one knows how much I miss him.
I like to think that is why you got called home so soon,
so you could be there to take care of houston when he got called home too.
I used to be sad that you would never have any kids of your own,
But know I know you are raiseing my little boy, until I came home.
I just wanted to let you know how much I love you from the bottem of my heart,
But I could never find the words to express how I fell,
this is just a start.

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