Conscious Mind

Guilty Conscious eating at you? Don't let it. Guilt is a good thing, it was designed so as to make us ever aware of our shortcomings and/or faults. Once you have acknowledged your sin and asked for forgiveness, you are forgiven... so let it go. Some people allow Satan to use that sin against them by turning guilt into condemnation. Do not give Satan the pleasure of torturing you, once again... once you acknowledge that sin that gave you a guilty conscience and ask for forgiveness, you are forgiven... Read this poem!

Conscious Mind

Fear not a conscience that brings forth guilt
For upon that conscience is salvation built
Guilt is merely acknowledgment of a life of sin
Guilt brings out the monster hiding within

Put not this guilt, or its pain aside
Confront and acknowledge those sins that do hide
For guilt brings repentance and a life anew
Confessing those sins will open a door for you

To ignore this guilt would be a mistake
So confront that guilt for heaven's sake
If your pride makes you put it away
It will be back to haunt you another day

All men sin and fall short of the glory of God
But woe unto him that gives guilt not even a nod
Go up to an alter and pour out your heart
Give God that guilt and in heaven take part

By: Wayne Hoss

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The Fairytale

The Fairytale


She waits for her Prince Charming,

And she knows that he will come,

Because she is a good girl,

She wasn't one of the dumb,

Her other friends bore children

Before marriage,as she waited,

She dare not admit to their happiness,

To her specialness she was fated,

The clock struck twelve, at forty four,

Her hair now getting grey,

Claiming not a man had truly loved her,

Because there had been no wedding day,

And all the men who sought to woo her,

And take her by the hand,

Were happily wed, with children and wives

Who before marrying took them to bed,

The years grew cold and dark,

She even learned some masturbation,

But she could not bear to see just how 

She led herself to this desperation,

At eighty five, her Prince arrived,

They married in a church,

They're both too worthy for this world,

To live it for all of it's worth,

No children birthed, they live their lives,

Content to think that love,

Is isolating from the world,

That's all they're worthy of.





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