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For Aubrie

Poems for People

Dear Aubrie,

I’m sorry if you’re getting this when you’re 15 and don’t care

I’m sorry for a lot of things, but mostly

I’m sorry I’m not there


Dear Aubrie, I miss you more than I could ever explain

I know I was there when you were little

And I know I should still be there

Because if I’m not, who else is?


Who’s going to teach you that normal is relative?

Who’s going to teach you that the hive mind is dangerous?

Who’s going to teach you that it’s okay to say no, even if you’ll get in trouble for it?

Who is going to teach you that love is not something that should come with conditions?


Dear Aubrie, I’m sorry that I have to be away

I’m just trying to better myself so I can teach you

When I get back to you, I’ll illuminate your world with tales of wonder

I'll fill your room with light and colors and tell you everything I know.


Because what’s mine is yours and my love does not come with conditions.

I know your mommy and daddy aren’t together,

But that doesn’t mean you have to get used to having half.

Because if you ever feel half, I’ll break a piece of myself off and give it to you.


Dear Aubrie, I know I’m not your mommy or your daddy.

I know I have no right to criticize how they’re raising you,

But my love does not come with conditions, even if the world does.

The world you’re in is scary and dark sometimes, but when I get home, I’ll leave the light on for you


Dear Aubrie, it’s okay to sleep with the light on

Sometimes, when I’m too depressed to sleep, I’ll leave the light on and sing myself to sleep

Because I never had someone to do that for me

I was you once, Aubrie, and I never want to see you go through that


Dear Aubrie, I’m sorry if you’re getting this and you’re 15 and don’t care

I’m sorry if you’re getting this at 58 and I’m no longer there

Because someday I’ll leave the earth, but the light will still be on

I won’t be there to sing to you, but the music will keep on playing


Dear Aubrie, my love does not come with conditions

I hope you find what you’re looking for someday,

Dear Aubrie, I hope there’s nothing you need to look for.


Dear Aubrie, I’m sorry.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this as a spoken word/free verse style. It's dedicated to my cousin and I wrote it on the fly.

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A Dragon's Revelation


My wings were cut, torn and cast away.
Left for dead was I, wounded by the fray.
My only sin, to be a lone Drake.
I had no kin to call my own, to watch my back as I flew.
If only I had known the trials, if I only knew.

If only I had given in, to my stubborn ideals.
I would not be there then, bleeding as my wounds did heal.
A Dragon without its brethren is no more than a wounded bird.
Words I cared not to believe, tales I thought were absurd.

Shackled to the post of death, waiting for my soul to be laid to rest.
I gazed up to the sunlit sky and noticed something shine bright.
Almost as if it was an angel, to cast away the long night.
In truth it was not an angel, but more of a second chance.
Another of my kind had heard my cries, not giving my situation a second glance.
Stripped down from those shackles, I dropped limp out of the sky.
The other of my kind darted down, fire of passion burning within those eyes.

“Fear not brother, I shall free you and carry you home.” Were the words spoken.
“You were lost and now rescued. Let us heal that which is broken.”

So for days I flew with this fellow Dragon, resting along its back.
Thinking about my days alone, and why I never turned back.
I was foolish; thinking all I needed was my inner and outer strength.
As cliché as it sounds now, others were needed to end the strife.

That Dragon which called me brother, turned out to be a sister.
She took me to her kin, which accepted me under their wings.
I fly now with them as family, taking on together, whatever this world brings.


We are Dragons, ruler of the skies.  Hear our cries out to this world,

And know we watch down from above.  

We live together within our kin, and shall never be apart.  

Unity is our power, and it is never ending.  

Together we fly as one wing in the sky, a bond unbroken.