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 December.11.2003 1:18am

 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


Sorry to say

But I hadn't the time

Or wasn't told today

That you are a day younger

I mean older (hehe)


So I took some time out

To make you something special

So there is no need to shout

Because here is a card

Made from the heart


I hope you enjoy what you read

Because I'm here if you are ever in need 

For I'll be here till the end

And together forever

We'll always be

Best of friends

Happy Birthday is what I want to send






Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a poem from a card I made

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I kept your last
birthday card to me;
tucked it between
books on my shelf,


not knowing then
it would be the last;
your small simple script
and name, artwork done,


received with all the rest
that day, last year.
I have taken it out
a few times now,


read the script over
and over, as if maybe,
more words
might appear,


than those before.
I hold it in my hands
and imagine where
your fingers touched,


where your pen
scribed the words,
and for that frozen moment
capture part of you again,


that feel, that ghostly smell,
thinking maybe
my fingers are, where
your fingers were,


your DNA mixing with mine,
mixing together
like good scotch, not wine.
I shall keep


your birthday card to me,
keep it safe, re-read
now and then,
pretend each year


it came from you,
anew, fresh written,
your fine small hand;
waiting each birthday


for it to land,
the birthday card
from my eldest son
(now dead), and when


my birthday comes around
once more, I shall take
the card out and read
with all the rest that came,


keeping you you always
in my heart and head,
with your small scribed,
loving name.


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