Living in my dark sorrow

Sunshine from time to time when not hidden as if I was pinned to a crime. My shadow dark never leaving my side dragging me down always making me cry. My first memories blamed for things done to me, not knowing to keep or release from me. People bad never sorry for my sorrow, sometimes I wish for no tomorrow. 

By Rob Casteel

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get the picture?


The big picture stuff.
That's said when
they want more
and you've given enough.

You say no
But they won't let go
Twist your arm and sell it sneaky
Tell you to picture it- nice and easy!

Should I draw it for you?
I'm sure you get the picture.
Look, a smart look, a clean look
A smug look, a dirty look

Who's Hung out to dry?
Airing thier dirty laundry
The Laundering is fruitful
But You got blamed

So now they're gonna
Throw the book at ya
And paint a pretty ugly picture
One you just can't erase

Get the picture?
I've said enough
The judge is waiting.
Time to call our bluff

6 years time and you wrote
A thousand letters to explain
Your kids got this great picture
Of you away on business in Spain.

Today is the day your debt drawn is paid
You look up at his little picture painted
Hung On your cell wall
and realise the irony
You haven't noticed before;
You know with out a word
you get the picture,
both were Framed.

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