Nature's Dance

The trees in this world don't just blow around in the wind with no purpose.
They dance in the music of your soul.
A bird isn't just a bird.
It's a messager from God.
Sent to advertise the treasures of the world.
Birds don't just chirp,
they sing.
They are an inspiration for me to do things that make my heart soar,
like they do when they fly.
You could look at nature with horrible thoughts in your mind
and see nothing.
When you change those thoughts into beauty you see everything.
The way you see things,
is the way they are.
Well at least in your mind.
It just depends on who you are.
Everyone sees it differently,
but when I see nature,
I see me.

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nice, from theart where all

nice, from theart where all the great words and thoughts arrise from

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Thank you