Anger pain

The Demon Rising in Me

As the pain begins to rise

The demon in me cries

In anger, full of hate

I took your bait


My demon claws out of me

Now your mistake you've seen

But it's far to late

You've sealed your fate


My demon Begins to kill

To him it's a real thrill

The blood gushes and flows

As it draws to a close


Now the demon is fed

Behind his wall he has fled

As my back bone crumbles

I begin to run but stumble


The ground is beginning to flood

A lake is formed by your blood

Your eyes stay with me

I know I won't be free

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No one understand the pain you feel inside
You try hard to make sure everyone thinks you’re happy
Although you know that fake smile you give isn’t bought by anyone
When will you show your true feelings?
When will you explain the pain you feel?
You’re afraid to let anybody in
You can’t even look anybody in the eye
Why don’t you just do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Show people how mad you are!
Don’t think about anybody’s’ feelings for now
Think of you and only you!
Be selfish!!! Hate everything!
Tell the people who hurt you to disappear
Tell the ones who care about you to give you space
Be alone
Feel the pain
Go through Hate
Then make it disappear
After you've experienced all that that,
Only then
Can you truly say
“I have experienced life”

Author's Notes/Comments: 

read my bitter crap

" Disintegrate "

I disintegrate, standing here, eroding as the world flows around me,
As time creeps by, its harder to distinguish between complacency and love,
It replays through my thoughts in half time nonstop, over and over,
They say that “life goes on“, and those words are the exact reason I sink lower,

As days pass, it gets harder to remember when things were right,
People usually tell you what you want to hear,
Learning their incentives can put things in place,
Most people are shit, just surviving themselves will become clear,

When the end finally comes, you are alone with yourself,
The word “family” is just a metaphor, for “people who will hurt you for life”
They protect you from seeing what society is really about,
So you never know that with open arms comes a knife,

Their religious ways are firmly in place to justify actions,
Foe weighing you down with guilt, regret and pain,
Never expecting your shackled mind to question,
Questioning why so many lose and so few gain…

To be continued……

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Im trying to change my style to something different. Let me know if this blows..

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Black tears and glitter

Mom & "Dad"

Black tears and glitter
falling from my face like rain
each one a past pain i refuse to state
i don't want to be afraid
looks in the mirror
this isn't the girl i know
hiding her face from the world
pretending she's on her own!

each on thats falling
are all of your wrongings
and she crumbles tot he ground
now she's lost in the dark
and she's falling apart
while she cries herself to sleep tonight

Black tears and glitter
are dropping on the ground, just flowing
tries to be comforted
but finds it just doesn't work out
i don't want to be afraid
looks in the mirror
this isn't the girl she knows
trying to fight on her own
always wants to be alone!

each one that's falling
are all of your wrongings
and she screams at the top of her lungs
now she's never relaxing
and never laid back
and she cries herself to sleep tonight.

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Your empty soul

Feeling So lost and empty
Your love has a cold presence
That makes me shiver

Your honesty can never be proven
One thing i cant recover is the love
That you give to me

You think love is just a game
Can play with peoples emotions
And burn them to the ground with no explanation

I gave you all my love but you threw it in my face
I warned you of the hurt I have been threw
But you laughed in my face

Your soul is as dark as anyone's
You dont care about the bridges you burn
As long as you get far

You dont care about the help people do for you
As long as its done
Your pain is so overwhelming

The heart in my chest is slowly dieing
Till the beat slows to a halt
But you dont care as long as your happy

Soon i will lay in the grave you made for me
soon i wont feel your coldness
soon i wont have to feel your empty soul anymore

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