Your empty soul

Feeling So lost and empty
Your love has a cold presence
That makes me shiver

Your honesty can never be proven
One thing i cant recover is the love
That you give to me

You think love is just a game
Can play with peoples emotions
And burn them to the ground with no explanation

I gave you all my love but you threw it in my face
I warned you of the hurt I have been threw
But you laughed in my face

Your soul is as dark as anyone's
You dont care about the bridges you burn
As long as you get far

You dont care about the help people do for you
As long as its done
Your pain is so overwhelming

The heart in my chest is slowly dieing
Till the beat slows to a halt
But you dont care as long as your happy

Soon i will lay in the grave you made for me
soon i wont feel your coldness
soon i wont have to feel your empty soul anymore

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