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Is it wrong to love??


Walking down the lane, 
Feeling what I've felt, again. 
Could this stop throbbing me? 
Whilst you keep robbing me, 
Away from love, Away from me.

I remember the times we were 

Together, the me in me loved the 

You in you, I couldn't help but 
Fall for you, so hard, so bad,
but I was mad. 

I touched you, and felt that 

it's speaking to me. Words 
unheard by you, Words 
you didn't speak,and were few,
caressing your Hair. And you. 

It was the time, remembering 

how deeply I've loved you. Looking 
up at you, Wondering would you 
miss me when I'm away? 
Like I miss you?


Times change, they said. Good

Things will eventually come to 
You, they said. How can it be true
I thought, while the only good thing
Happened to me, was the bad. 

When you walked outta that Door, 

leaving me amid the chaos, 
The screaming and cryings that
Happened right here in this room, 
Is this the good they talked about? 

It was time, I felt, to rethink 

What I want. Yes, I can't live without 
Him. Not a bit. It's hard. It's tough. 
But when you're attacked by the 
One you love, you've to fight back. 

Lust wrong time wrong person.

I was trying to steer clear of the type I adore
Refrain from where I've went wrong before
Lad about town with that criminal behaviour
In the long run he will not work in my favour
But I cant help my emotions drawn in by they're act
Full of something more that the nice boy had lacked
Shallow outlook I have as nice looks make the package
Cant contain myself from misbehaved Baggage
As I refuse to learn I must endure hurt and loss
As he will be someone that ive never quite got!
The one who wasn't like anyone else
Completely changed how I once felt
A relationship he didn't want as he told me
I thought he’d be someone I’d no longer see
But then confused me completely by staying in touch
Spending most days together increasing my lust
I enjoyed every moment obviously
Each day together un-expectantly
couldn't let go what so ever
Unsure how to be when we were together
No move I did make in case of rejection
But a deep desire to share my affection
One thing I was sure of our time wouldn't last
Certain I’d regain contact as I learnt from the past
Catching my interest always from what I can find
He managed to distract my wayward mind
Cant forget someone that’s given you so much to remember
Hoping that we could spend more time together
Happy where he decided to spend his time
If only for a short while to call him mine.


What you do to me

Love Poems

It's like when I am with you

I forget I even exsist.

Maybe, that is because

you forgot I exsist.

I really love listening to you speak.

Your voice calms the ocean in my head,

but thouse waves come crashing onto my shore.

And I hold back the tears that would come pouring out

because you forgot about me again.

I remember this one time we were together,

my back cuddled into your front.

Earlier in the week you told me of your plans with me

but this day, you forgot.

You told me how you are planning on doing all those things,

but I am not invited.

And though I love to hear your voice

I didn't at that time.

My body shattered.

I curled myself up,

my legs tucked into my chest

only to keep them far from yours.

Maybe he has forgotten that he loves me too.

Maybe he doesn't love me too.

It is unfortunate that the little things

like little dates,

a little word,

a little look,

a little smile,

are the things that really matter,

because you don't remember them.

You don't remember 

   my smile

   my hair

   what color my eyes are

   when my birthday is

   what I do to you.

I feel like I am not real to you,

and maybe you just don't see it.

See how forgetting me

all the time

has hurt me so much.

Maybe you don't look into my eyes

as much as I get caught in yours.

If you did you would see the waves

crashing my shore

as you shatter me

over and over and over again.

But maybe you forgot,

this has happened before.

A letter to my old-new boyfriend

Love Poems

A year ago, I changed.

No wait! I didn't change

my family life did.

I lost my step father to alcohol.

I lost my mother to a church.

I lost my sense of who I was.

The person I loved

witnessed these changes

but could not comprehend

what had actually happened.

So this is a note to you.


First, I finally heard that song

the one called "Fuck you"

about how I hurt you.

And boy do I know I did.

But, there is a lot of things

you never noticed.

It's not for you to understand now,

but I want you to know that


Second, I never stopped loving you.

"BUT WHY?! Why did you do it?"

This is the part you couldn't,

and dont ever have to

understand, but

I was scared.

Not of you of course.

You, my love, were my only

sense of security.

But, I was loosing everything else.

Everything in my life changed

in one single instant

and to tell you the truth

I was afraid you would change too.

But instead,


I changed for my mother.

I became the person

she though I was to be.

And because of her,

I lost the only thing

that kept me sane.

Baby, I know I broke you,

because I was broken too.


For months, I pretended to love a guy

while imagining he was you.

Let's not count the numerous times

I accidently calld him your name,

or the times I cried because I needed you.

Only to watch you

find other girls.


I made mistakes.

I ruined both of our lives

and I'm telling you now

because I am not scared anymore.

I know who I am

and what I want to be.

All I really want from life is

your arms around me,

kisses on my lips,

and to be your

forever and always.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I met a guy at a young age and we thought we had it all figured out. But ours lives were changing and things happened. We broke up for a year and a half, after dating for a long time. That year or so went by and both of us changed drastically. We are back together now, but I can't forgive myself for what I did to him. So this is my sort of "please forgive me" note to him. Because I could not be so in love with someone. I thought I had love figured out, and then I met him. And boy now I realise, I will never figure out what love is. But whatever it is, I love this man. I'm so glad he loves me too. <3 


P.S. Love always wins!

But I sleep alone

Long, since you called for help.

Why don't you love yourself?

I'll consume your burdens. I can stand the cuts, deep.

Salted wounds in my cuff-

So you won't need to.

What can please you?

Then after all, blessed with the crisp song. But-

Letting it lag. Drugged and unsaid.

Shattered glass upon your tongue-

Shards drenched in red and words unsung.

I'd rather trip than watch him fall.

But I sleep alone.

I know this girl

I know this girl that I met back awhile

Everytime i saw her she made me smile

She had long beautiful hair seeming to go to her feet

Everytime I saw her she made my heart skip a beat

I met her at school in a different state

Everyday I'm away from her it makes my heart ache

I'll do anything to be with her again, but she seems so far away

I hope that I see her again someday

I love you girl can't you see

If only you felt the same about me

It seems that my worlds coming to an end

Knowing that I'll never see you again

Lost Oasis

Expressing my feelings is not easy to me

I keep it bottled in, sealed shut as to not break free

I let it erupt inside of me like a volcanic eruption

Ripping and tearing doing its destruction

Until I choke on it

Forced to open my mouth wide

And their it goes exploding out of me

Into the world like a red lava sea

I can not take back the words I said

and now everyone I know prefers me dead

Or thats what I think by the looks on their faces

As they walk back and forth, angry in paces

Why couldn't you tell me before? They scream

Hands in the air to my face they lean

Their whispers cutting me like a knife to my veins

The way you feel inside you should be ashamed

I look into their eyes hoping they can see

Ive been ashamed all along because I know Ill never be free

I cant rid these emotions or let anyone know

Ill wait patiently for it to fade like snow

and then no one will ever know

And so it goes

like the cycle of life

my emotions cutting me deeper than a knife





I’ll retain your alluring charm
In my mind, through the fading time
Never let dwindle our trice
In my veins, like a swirling rains
Avow with every down and vesper
You’ll never decease
Until the stars fall from the sky
Unless the sun goes down on us.

I’ll keep you alive
In my eyes, in someone elses life
Never let our love dies
In my dreams, In someone elses nights
Swear on angels above the sky
You’ll never lie
Until I live
Unless I die.

I’ll cherish your magical voice
Off the beaten track, in the back of beyond
I’ll never let the jingle of your bangles wither
Whether it’s glee or blahs
I Assert on my lone life
I’ll wait to hear those laughter again
Untill my hearing comes to an end
Unless the humans becomes all dumb.

I long for nothing but your love, your whiff
Deep inside my heart across my living senses
I want to kiss your neck all across your back
Trying to live for your love, glimpse of your smile
I promise I can wait
Untill the days become dark and blind
Unless the blaze turns us into the ashes.

All I tried
To Connect the unseen threads and
Encounter the endless expectations.





I'll never bear hatred in my heart,

When I think of you.

Now that we are apart,

My feelings have stayed true.


The way I swore to live,

Will always stay the same.

With eternal love to give,

I'll never shift the blame.


I'll take responsibility for my mistakes,

But I will never hold the shame.

Now that my heart awakes,

So to will the intense flame.


Forgiveness will always find a way,

To burn the hatred away.

For as long as I let love stay. 

My heart will never sway.


It will stand steady and true,

Just the same as my love for you.

And no matter what I do,

I know I'll enjoy this view.


Watching from up above,

I'll try not to drown you in my love.

But I'll make sure you're just fine,

Even if you're no longer mine.


Happiness will never be absent,

Now that I've carved this path.

A path of pure selfless intent,

And also void of wrath. 






Author's Notes/Comments: 

I'm on the road to be a better man.